Marvel Considers Leonardo DiCaprio for 'Captain America' Role

June 13, 2008 03:12:31 GMT

Following the debunking of Matthew McConaughey's rumor of being Captain America in 'The First Avenger' movie, a new report coming out suggested that the 'Titanic' star is on the top of Marvel's list.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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In early May 2008, online publications went frantic when a news about Captain America casting broke out. At the time, it was reported that Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey was on top of Marvel Entertainment's list for portraying the titular character in "The First Avenger: Captain America". However, as quick as the news came out, it soon got slammed leaving a big gap for speculations of who to be entrusted the role.

About a month after, a new report brings out more exciting news regarding the possible casting of the patriotic superhero. It is now said that noted Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been considered by Marvel for the role of Steve Rogers whose alter ego is Captain America. But, before the fans of the "Blood Diamond" star leaping for joy over the matter, Latino Review, which sparked the rumor in the first place, insisted that up to this point the 33-year-old actor's name is merely put on the top of the list, but the official offer for the role to the multiple Academy Award-nominated performer has yet to be put forward.

Going further on the casting speculations, Latino Review also added that besides DiCaprio, there is one other name that is being considered to be Captain America. That particular person would be "Troy" star, Brad Pitt. Pitt, as had been reported previously, allegedly is on the run for the leading role of another Marvel's superhero film "Thor", which is set for June 4, 2010 release. Still, any confirmation on both Pitt's possible casting reports has yet been outed.

On the superhero flick itself, "The First Avenger" is scheduled to be released on the silver screen on May 6, 2011. The movie has been said to stay true to its original comic book story. Hence, it will be set during World War II and tell the background story of the red, white and blue-costumed superhero. Additionally, no director has been signed for the project.


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posted by old timer on Dec 04, 2009
how about dwayne "the rock" johnson. Height and body built is right. He is also athletic. Not white but I think just right for the job.
posted by noefffingway on Apr 27, 2009
i hear that now Alexander Skarsgård is rumored to play cap, i guess hes got the look but who the hell is he?
posted by andries price on Apr 03, 2009
the person really captain america is john cena john cena is on captain and the avengres john cena as captain america will beat the hulk as ed norton john cena is captain america the avengres in 2012 captain america on 2010 john cena rules as captain america who will win on the avengres movie john cena as captain america or edward norton as the hulk choose...
posted by Dave on Oct 25, 2008
Although.... I'm all for him playing Bucky Barnes. :) Hah!
posted by Dave on Oct 25, 2008
Also... his face is too round. :)
posted by Dave on Oct 25, 2008
Also... Most of the comic book fan-base would wanna hurl when they think of DiCaprio playing Cap.
posted by Dave on Oct 25, 2008
The main problem with Dicaprio is the same problem Marvel's had with Terrence Howard. If you want a sequel of any kind, he will be a demanding Jack-'A'. Even Ed Norton is a question mark as far as a Hulk Sequel. DiCaprio will demand too much, because he knows he's so "sought after". Also... he's too scrawny. I might consider Aaron Eckhart... He looks like Cap, and is very charismatic, and boyscoutish. He's proven himself in The Dark Knight.
posted by Ahmad Zack on Sep 23, 2008
Not Dicaprio for Cap please, it is better Matthew McConaughey or Brendan Fraser or John Cena...
posted by gryphin64 on Sep 13, 2008
You should consider Matt Damin for Captain America,I think he would make an exellant super hero.
posted by redskull on Sep 10, 2008
whats this? unless the only dicaprio film youve seen is titanic your dead wrong man. he could carry the shield no problem. mcconaughey and fraser dont have the same serious but mild mindset thats needed for cap. physical stature is one thing, but the acting style needed for cap is dicaprio though and though
posted by Bucky Barnes on Aug 24, 2008
Duh-Caprio for CAP? NO WAY the guys pathetic. He couldnt carry Caps mantel. I wouldntn even bother to watch if this idot took the lead. I hate his films. Matthew McConaughey or Brendan Fraser are two id go head to head with. Leave Di-caprio out of the running marvel Caps an Icon not a jerk off.

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