Video Premiere: Nelly's 'Stepped On My Js' Ft. Ciara/Jermaine Dupri

June 12, 2008 08:21:29 GMT

The new clip for the rapper's second single taken from his upcoming LP "Brass Knuckles" has been premiered on June 11.

Video Premiere: Nelly's 'Stepped On My Js' Ft. Ciara/Jermaine Dupri
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After a preview of it streamed in April, finally the full official music video for Nelly's "Stepped On My Js" has got premiered on BET on June 11. Just like the song the clip also features appearances from Jermaine Dupri and Ciara.

The clip, which is also being used as a campaign ad for Nike shoe product Air Jordan, starts with Nelly rapping in front of a car. The clip also features lots of basketball game scenes with all of the clip stars wearing the Air Jordan product.

The song itself is being set as the second single from his upcoming album "Brass Knuckles", which is set to out on August 19. Before spawning "Stepped On My Js", previously Nelly has dropped "Party People" featuring Stacy Ferguson a.k.a. Fergie on March 18 via iTunes.

Beside preparing his new album's release, Nelly is also setting himself to perform at the BET Awards on June 24. At the event he will join the likes of Usher and Lil Wayne, who were also tapped to play.

Nelly's "Stepped On My Js" featuring Ciara/Jermaine Dupri Video Premiere:


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posted by fernanda on Dec 18, 2009
ciara y love you eu amei o seu clipe com o nelly eo j.dupri
posted by devonte evans on Sep 02, 2009
im gay
posted by dibo on Jan 19, 2009
if i wuz nelly i would've SPANKED ciara's ass
posted by dibo on Jan 19, 2009
if i wuz nelly i would've SPANKED ciara's ass
posted by Trenton on Nov 12, 2008
everybody needs to shut the F*** up ciara is with me
posted by Alonzo Oliphant on Oct 02, 2008
Im gay
posted by my my on Jun 28, 2008
hell na b**** u better back caues I just did nelly now go ask nelly if he ya man now
posted by dog on Jun 28, 2008
ciara ass look so good in thoes short jeans she could jump jump on me
posted by the next PCDdoll on Jun 25, 2008
I love the video it's soooooo hot oh,and baby gurl@yahoo u needs 2 shut up cause ciara and beyonce' are both beautiful they might look better than u because u ugly. but anyways i loved the video.
posted by THA NEXT PCD DOLL on Jun 25, 2008
posted by britanynicolegrogan@ on Jun 23, 2008
i love the song but he should make a "he done stepped on my flip flop"
posted by the badest on Jun 20, 2008
yeah nelly my baby and hell nall ciara better get back
posted by emalierenee on Jun 17, 2008
hell naw he done stepped on my Js. hah. i love it
posted by mzbrooklyn@myspace.c on Jun 17, 2008
dis is soooooooo hot i lvoe dis song
posted by Mr. Bet on Jun 17, 2008
damn i love that song...i just got some new ja's ...i got some old ass 5's i just got some new black 5's and some fusions(j's mixed with air forces). nelly did a air forve one song and now j's...what's next nelly..."fusions" ??? lol, the song !!
posted by janet on Jun 16, 2008
fuck cici lookin good in this vid she is fine i love u cici u r the the one love u gurl
posted by msp007 on Jun 15, 2008
posted by BIjajn on Jun 14, 2008
Shiiit Ciara looking so damn hot
posted by d2thelx on Jun 13, 2008
jaydogg u suck big fat cocks, nelly is fine stop talkin shit u fag
posted by Wack! on Jun 13, 2008
Nelly bit the U-N-I video for the song K.R.E.A.M, that was some bitchassness right there.
posted by on Jun 13, 2008
ciara go live in this video
posted by on Jun 13, 2008
ciara and nelly need to get together and she better than beyonce
posted by on Jun 13, 2008
manye ciara is the queen of r&b she wrecked this video
posted by on Jun 13, 2008
ciara looked good in this video nelly better get at that
posted by J@ydogg on Jun 12, 2008
dis dude needs to stop taking steriods so we can see his neck. and he looks like LL Cool J
posted by umm on Jun 12, 2008
ciara was the highlight of the vid lol A for effort nelly maybe this will be a hit will c

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