'The Strangers' Sequel Most Certainly En Route

June 11, 2008 08:46:03 GMT

There are reports that the hooded villains in the horror flick will be brought back to screen in a sequel.

'The Strangers' Sequel Most Certainly En Route
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Mere two weeks after its screening on theaters on May 30, "The Strangers" has been getting a highlight once again with the talks of a sequel. A report on suggested that there is in fact a huge possibility that the second installment will be developed by its production house Rogue Pictures.

"Strangers" that put Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as the main stars, made a surprising box office income at the first weekend after grossing nearly $21 million, a better-than-expected result considering that it was made only with a $9 million budget. The next week, the horror flick still managed to hold on tight to its top five position despite tough competitions from "Kung Fu Panda" and "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" by pulling in another $8.9 million.

This success is speculated to be one of the reasons the sequel is being considered. The site claimed, "this weekend we put out some calls and have confirmed 100% that there is in fact talk of bringing the hooded villains back to the big screen."

Coming from the mind of director Bryan Bertino, "Strangers" tells the story of a couple who are targeted by three dangerous masked and hooded strangers. This forced them to do things they never imagined in order to survive.


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posted by Para on Mar 09, 2009
It's the type of film that really needs a sequal, so many questions left unanswered. I mean there are a lot of movies like this one which are fine as a stand alone movie but this one definitely leaves you wanting more information about 'The Strangers'. What's the deal? Who are they? Why did they target them? Was it random? Is Kristen alright? What part will she play in the sequal? So many questions, and so much potential for a sequal.
posted by nbxx on Feb 27, 2009
i think it would be good as it could be more about the strangers this time that the vitctims and we could find out what happended to kristen
posted by Daportgirl15 on Feb 24, 2009
I think a sequel would be wonderful. It's a chance for us to find out what happened to kristen after those kids found her, and what the strangers have in mind for there next killing.
posted by again on Sep 21, 2008
I think a sequel would work. The first film was kind of like a case study- just a few played out with no information really given. I reckon those freaks would do it again and we could knw a bit more.
posted by Trav on Aug 30, 2008
They do say "it will be easier next time" so that is a big hint for the sequel and doesnt change the purpose..
posted by Snowman on Jul 12, 2008
I think a sequel is a great idea. I have seen so many horror films that are scary in the theater but not outside because they cant really happen. This can happen, in todays society you know there are freaks out there like that. That is truly scary!
posted by matthew on Jun 19, 2008
a sequel will ruin the whole idea of the original movie, a one time random, purposeless event that happens for no apparent reason on the other hand the guys in the masks are genuinely scary, so maybe it'll be good

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