Danity Kane's Backstage Fight at Concert Denied

June 11, 2008 06:43:12 GMT

The R 'n' B group have just denied recent rumors in the media stating that they were caught in a cat-fight during one of their concerts.

Danity Kane
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Recent rumors about the feud between two members of Danity Kane at the backstage seems to be a false alarm as it has now been denied by the group. The denial comes from D. Woods who told that the rumored cat-fight was untrue.

Previously, there were reports stating that two members of the group were fighting over each other just before their gig at The Pearl Theater in Las Vegas on Friday, June 6, which caused the concert got delayed for 25 minutes. The tension reportedly continued at their after party at Prive in the Planet Hollywood Resort, as the media claim that the group sit separately at the party.

Explaining her story about why didn't they sit together at the after party, Woods said, "Nothing at all. People read way too far into shit. If there is a big ass couch in our section, why would we sit on top of each other?"

The gig itself is one of the dates of Danity's current "Making the Band Tour", which involves other artists from the MTV reality show created by P. Diddy. Other musicians that also join the female R 'n' B group are, DAY26, Donnie Klang and a special guest Cheri Dennis.


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posted by carla on Oct 18, 2009
I bet you anything, just like in the reunion, it was probably dawn and aubrey. I felt like they were bout to throw down in the MTB reunion and if i had to make a wild guess. It would probably be those two.
posted by hello on Oct 09, 2009
i think that aubrey has a mediocre voice and she was lucky she had enuff looks and personality to carry her thru to the end on MTB3. but fame definitely did change her... she seems like she only cares about being the center of attention and that ultimately led to the implosion of DK.
posted by kristine on Oct 15, 2008
im glad aubrey is no longer in the group she changed for the worse she turned into a LITTLE F.N. TRAMP and i hate her!!!!!
posted by Poetre on Oct 14, 2008
If Aubrey does in fact leave the group she will regret it. Simply because she may not be able to sell on her own. She's not a Christina Aguilera her voice is not strong enoug. People never realize what they have until its gone.
posted by Liz on Oct 09, 2008
Wow! Apparently there are a bunch of haters up in here! They're obviously doing something right. Dawn may not be the prettiest in the bunch but she sure scored!
posted by ANGIE on Sep 04, 2008
posted by blah on Sep 03, 2008
i agree wit mizsexxispec...dat wuzza wack group...Dawn wuz ugly...Shannon cudn't sing a note to save da world...and D.Woods hair wuz fucked up and Aubrey was just stank!!! I HOPE DEY BREAK UP DEY WONT NEVER A HIT GROUP ANYWAY!!
posted by nana on Aug 30, 2008
Im just praying that its not true and ths its not aundrea and aubrey you can see it from the body language that there is tension between them,or it could even be dawn and aubrey..that is why girls group dont stay long together,girls are too emotional and even by what aubrey have been saying(wendy show)I can see that the tension with the other girls is there(except for d wood of course)come on girl get it together it will be a shame to separate...we love you...
posted by nameless on Jun 17, 2008
who was it already!!

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