Miley Cyrus Shot '7 Things' Music Video

June 05, 2008 03:26:34 GMT

The teen pop singer has started the preparation of her new album's launching by shooting the music video for her first single from the upcoming LP.

Miley Cyrus Shot '7 Things' Music Video
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Preparing the release of her new album "Breakout", Miley Cyrus has now started to shoot the clip for her first single "7 Things". The upcoming music video was directed by renown Hollywood director Brett Ratner and was shot in L.A. starting from May 30.

From the pictures of the video shoot that have been released on June 2, it can be seen that the new clip will set Miley rocking and singing the tunes with her band. Moreover, from one of the photos the teen pop star was also seen smashing a guitar, but not a real one as it turns out to be a Wii Guitar Hero controller. The complete pictures from the set can be viewed on

"7 Things" itself first debuted on Elvis Duran and the Morning Zoo radio show on May 13 and it will get an official digital release via iTunes on June 17. The song is also being described as a mixture between pop verse and a rock chorus which resulted as a combination of Avril Lavigne's style and Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus' music.

Meanwhile, the pop star's upcoming album is being set to hit the stores on July 22 via Hollywood Records. The upcoming LP will also be Miley's second studio album but her first outside of her famous Disney series "Hannah Montana"'s image.


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posted by karina on Jan 19, 2010
love u so mush love ur song an episodes
posted by amber on Dec 26, 2009
i love miley cyrus & i ilike all songs & plz shar ur new new pic
posted by amie dy on Jan 25, 2009
i love hannah \ miley i love u im ur biggest fan i cant wait to see ur hannah montana movie. and u have to choose between hannah or miley. please pleas please dont stop being hannah everyone loves hannah and miley but hannah rocks i will stil love u bye i want to meet u sometime love ya xxxxxo
posted by blubgirl10 on Jan 10, 2009
put more mus
posted by angg on Jan 08, 2009
Candy stop spreading lies about Miley she is not pregnant her dad would never leave the house with a boy. By the Miley I like most of your songs my favorite is 7 Things. YOU ROCK MILEY>
posted by *Tigger* on Dec 22, 2008
Miley Cyrus, I'm your biggest FAn!!! # 1
posted by miley_danny 4 life on Dec 06, 2008
if u like mecall this number 07788690104
posted by danny_lfc on Dec 06, 2008
alison u r gay cos she is seein me
posted by danny_lfc on Dec 06, 2008
alison u r gay cos she is seein me
posted by danny_lfc on Dec 06, 2008
alison u r gay cos she is seein me
posted by danny_lfc on Dec 06, 2008
alison u r gay cose she is seein me
posted by degzy_lfc on Dec 06, 2008
i am seeing miley so i want to know who is fjvdfnvfdhiv n r u hiv +
posted by danny_lfc on Dec 06, 2008
like de vid and like miley she is fit
posted by chantelle on Oct 11, 2008
i love you so much and why do you have 2 names miley cyrus and hannah montana i would really apreasheat it if you reapley cause my little sister is onily 5 and wonts to know that questin ok buy
posted by hotty on Oct 09, 2008
play the video right now now now
posted by allison on Aug 02, 2008
u r gay
posted by Jade on Jul 23, 2008
she has a nice voice,nice looks,and all the money a girl could get,But remeber a girls not perfect i think the paparatsis should leave her alone shes a sweet girl
posted by rawr on Jul 14, 2008
omg this video is great .... i luv it and miley cyrus is my fave singer i luv her
posted by soccerchick11 on Jul 14, 2008
i feel so bad for Miley .... i mean first their is rumors of her being pregneant and now the nude photos ... and this candy girl needs to gte a life
posted by Miley Cyrus on Jul 10, 2008
I'm not pregnant and the only candy i know i tootsie rolls
posted by hey(; on Jul 08, 2008
in the video miley has a dog tag just like nicks and she is holding it most the time....hmmmm i wonder who this song is about???
posted by some one who doesnt on Jul 03, 2008
all the stuff candy is saying is lies!! ok leave miley alone if you like her keep on liking her if u hate GET A LIFE
posted by candy hater on this on Jul 03, 2008
ok candy all the stuff you are saying is fake! just get a life and leave miley alone just to let you know miley is 100% better than you
posted by katie on Jul 03, 2008
oaky i ABSOLUTELY LOVE 7 things it's now my FAVORITE song you sing rock on miley!
posted by emma! on Jul 03, 2008
i love the song and the video its amazing! i love mileyyy!!!!!!!!!!
posted by SaM on Jul 02, 2008
its not on youtube anymore. somthin about abuse of terms and polices
posted by roxyrose on Jul 02, 2008
i wanna see the video i think it`s on youtube!!!!!
posted by slenanice on Jun 29, 2008
miley video was so kool ik it about her and nick but she miss him i love that song alot
posted by fjvdfnvfdhiv on Jun 29, 2008
i want to see her boobs
posted by lesley <3 on Jun 28, 2008
heyy im a friend of miley and shes not pregnant. candy was a friend of miley and they got in a huge fight so they aint friends no more so stop spreading rumors retarrrrd!!!
posted by sexi lexis on Jun 27, 2008
wtf!! u ppl deaf?! it's all about nick and she's screamin through the whole thing! she's juzt tryin 2 do the same up beat az the jonas brothers
posted by Candy on Jun 26, 2008
When does this video come out???? :-p
posted by Cnady on Jun 26, 2008
I am a GREAT friend of Miley, and she told me sh'es pregnant! True story!
posted by Candy on Jun 26, 2008
Just to let you know, the daddy is NOT Nick Jonas!!!! It's some guy who works at a juice place.
posted by shelly on Jun 26, 2008
if this "candy" person was really a friend of mileys she woudlnt be telling the whole world. therefore its not true:]]
posted by heyy.♥ on Jun 26, 2008
shes changed...A LOT
posted by water5665 on Jun 22, 2008
i love miley
posted by d2erewfregvrf on Jun 22, 2008
i love mileyy shes soo cool and her music rocks!!
posted by illBthere4U835 on Jun 21, 2008
ahhh Miley this is the best song i have ever heard; it relates to so many people and shows how great your voice is...keep it coming in your next songs!!!
posted by illBthere4U835 on Jun 21, 2008
ahhh Miley this is the best song i have ever heard; it relates to so many people and shows how great your voice is...keep it coming in your next songs!!!
posted by godsgirl101 on Jun 19, 2008
Miley is so cool! She has a great voice. Someday I wanna be like her. I can't wait to buy her album.
posted by soleimoon on Jun 19, 2008
we do not need to get a life if we love MIley OK!!! anyway, Miley is #1!!!I amm going to buy her album and see this music vid!!!
posted by mileycyrusliker on Jun 18, 2008
miley cyrus is sooooooo cool and she is like a totaly awesome singer and i like her wardrobe.......
posted by jellybeaniebby on Jun 16, 2008
i love the songs that you sing a lot
posted by Lesley on Jun 14, 2008
Miley's okay, but why does everyone either really love her or really hate her? Just get a life people!
posted by anna on Jun 14, 2008
show it!!!
posted by cutiepie123 on Jun 13, 2008
i luv miley i wanna c da video 2 omg i bet its fuckin tight yo
posted by cutiepie123 on Jun 13, 2008
hey its me again i wanna c it now plz plz !!!!!!!! im desperate
posted by hay on Jun 13, 2008
show the video!
posted by MANDY10194 on Jun 13, 2008

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