Miley Cyrus Posing With Her New Man

June 05, 2008 03:25:25 GMT

A couple of pictures of the starlet leaked, showing her kissing a boy on the cheek and another hugging him.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Having her supposed-private photos leaked to the net has been like a weekly routine for Miley Cyrus lately. After several scandalous pictures of her sexy poses, a couple more emerge this week, showing her kissing a boy on the cheek and hugging him.

The 15-year-old star apparently took her own pictures with the boy whom she posed with intimately. Gossip blog PerezHilton managed to acquire a photo where Miley is seen drawing her pouting lips to the boy's cheek and later on another one which is less intimate. The second picture features her hugging with him to pose for the camera.

PerezHilton then claimed that the second boy is identified simply as Marshall and that he serves as one of her back-up dancers. No words yet on the truth of the relationship from Miley's camp.

Less than a month ago, two pictures of her in provocative poses that are deemed unsuitable with her teen star image have emerged. Miley was posing with just a shirt and lacy red knickers. She has also been panned for her bold move in agreeing to pose topless for Vanity Fair's June 2008 issue.


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posted by raven on Jul 18, 2010
Miley, I feel sorry for your fans! ^^,
posted by sad_miley_fan on Oct 11, 2009
im only 9 and i saw this by crying..shes not like that! Or...she changed my life..oh please miley! please, find a way back to little sister, shes posing like you are now! shes a huge fan, and shes acting like u! shes posing very inapprotpiate..please miley..PLEASE! DESTINY CYRUS! U MADE MY 7 YEAR OLD POSE LIKE U DID! PLEASE BE URSLEF DONT DO BAD STUFF PLEASEEEE!
posted by mileys manager on Sep 27, 2009
people please leave miley alone shes being a tipical teenager so please dont type nuthen nasty to her she has feelings. she gets upset hen people say things like that. you people have to leave her alone becuase all these *bad* comments will be reported to the police if your not careful okay. mileys a REALLY nice caring person ok. she is a teenager thats who she is she has her own life and it doesnt help with you people taunting her please leave her alone -Mileys Manager-
posted by brittany on Oct 09, 2008
miley ur becomin a britney spears
posted by brittany on Oct 09, 2008
miley ur becomin a britney spears
posted by alexa on Sep 20, 2008
i am a #1 fan of miley and i don't care what you guys say i am a humongous fan of her!!!!!!!!!!
posted by mileys dream man on Aug 19, 2008
i dunno who this guy is buhh if theres any guy out there....its me, im the guy that will make miley think straight and want to make love to everynight and day...hahahaha(evil laugh)....i mean think bout it ozzies biggest star going out with americas biggest star its a perfect match...hahahahaha
posted by fuck the miley fans on Aug 19, 2008
wat is ur problem miley fans....get over urself...miley jus wants a bit of action dats all...shez a normal horny teenage gurl lyk all of us...buhh shes jus spoilt and slutty dats all....nways hav u heard of that guy Clement he is goin to b the next big thing starring as the next descendant of Rocky....omg hes body is so hot and standin at 6'2
posted by deslookroundu_1_ on Aug 18, 2008
heyyy,plz dnt become like britney spears :( i mean ppl say u culd but prove them wrong if anything otherwise i will join that group i'm sorry but ur not actin like ya self!!!! but i still like u but jus b urself not wat every1 is pushing u 2 become.go out wit nick 'n' hav fun!!! peace xoxo
posted by ...dark on Aug 18, 2008
miley pull it together... girl u used 2 be sooo cool, now ur just stupid. did u ever think what ur doing 2 ur fans??? and what about the littlies??? the girls around the age of 5??? think of what ur setting them up 2 become. alot and i mean alot of 5-YEAR-OLD-GIRLS miley, look up 2 u and love u... think bout that... ur acting like someone ur not and its STUPID!!!!
posted by theres_no_penguins_i on Jul 30, 2008
wow miley first my friends think your a slut ya i bought a wig and shirts from you but now id like to sell them ALL and ya nick should move on to other girls mandy is a bad example YOU COLORED YOUR HAIR BLACK your 15 not 25 your going out with a 22 year old who smokes and drinks and parties hard you take discusting photos of yourself OMGosh without fans theyre is NO miley with no miley well haha theres no star and you and mandy wasnt joking on making fun of selena and demi give me a break hey at least they don't take racyy pics of themselves!!!!!!
posted by angel on Jul 22, 2008
Miley Every Thing thats goin on with u is not important! Wuts important is your fans! I dont Know how to tell you this but your turnin into a major loser!!!!!!! Mandy is your main problem. My romodels are now Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato! WHY? Cuz they got since and dont try to be someone thier not! You might make fun of them cuz your jelous and you feel Some heat from them! You feel Threatend and thats how its gone be as long as your like this! miley your gorgious and you are very talented and im sure you have alot of since but very bad jugement! Your Doin This To Yourself! I hate to Say it but its true you dont deserve nick jonas cuz you dont know how to appreciate him and love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I guess thats part of your new image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Angel on Jul 22, 2008
Miley Gurl Whats up with u? U used to be my romodel but then u went crazy! I used to love u im sure alot of your fans are going to leave you if you dont stop! It breaks my heart that u cheated on nick Jonas with some hideous Wessel! Another thing you to stay away from mandy cuz shes gone cost you alot of money. Shes nuttin but trouble! All im sayin is u have fans that look up to u and want be like u but people are backing down! I have a feeling no matter what this will continue but if u want to lose all your fans and trash your reputation go ahead. I know u know right from wrong and u are so talented but your pretty much screwed at this point. Your only 15 dont try to grow up all at once PLEASE! Your Killing your Fans! Think About It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by willow on Jul 15, 2008
Hey Miley, I HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!! You fuckn' Ass!!!!!!! You stay away from NICk HE Is So MINE!!!and my friend danielle who wrote that comment on the top. So I hate u and the stupid persons who LOVE U!!!GOOD LUCK With UR Pathtic,lonly,Shitty,Bicthyand sluty!!!!!! And why did u Freakin name!!!!!! I HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!! And all ur fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate ur show!!!!!! ANd I HATE UR ASS UGLY FACE!!!!!! GOOD-BYE!!! and GOOD RIDDENS!!!!! FAREWELL ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by danielle on Jul 12, 2008
Hey Miley, i was one of your biggest fans, but now u make me sick! i want to sell all of your products i bought.i cant believe stores r still selling your products'n junk. u jst wanted that billion dollars that your gona get at the end of the year. u didnt even think of how all your fans would feel. and i cant believe ur dad did that with u, actually i can believe it.he stoll that akey brakey heart song and that picture hes so stupid. i guess u take after him. u jst wanted that billion bucks at the end of the year, u didnt even think of ur fans. so why dont u and ur dad go back to tennessee, u dang hillbillies!!! (to all use-to-be miley fans, lets move on to Selena Gomez or Demi Lavoto or the Jonas Brothers!)
posted by ashley on Jun 30, 2008
miley you hore you are so freakin gay man
posted by kaylais19 on Jun 27, 2008
miley...i use to watch ur show all the time,even my mom. But know we rather look at cartoon network than watch somebody actin like their 25!!posting up pics wit ur bf and lettin everyone see you fuckin breast!!!its jus disgusting!!!ur 15 STOP ACTIN LIKE UR 25...UR NOT AN ADULT..because ur losin fan.and everybody i know isnt watchin ur show.SO PULL IT TOGETHER.get ur mind straight because i rlly like ur show and i nvr wanted 2 stop watchin it..but u jus disgust me now.u look older than ur suppose to..nxt ur goin 2 take a video i mean a sex video..JUS STOP
posted by emily on Jun 20, 2008
why are you acting strange i use to be your biggest fan
posted by emily on Jun 20, 2008
why are you acting strange i use to be your biggest fan
posted by Erin on Jun 20, 2008
omg why are you dating a 22 old hes stupuid!!! but im still a fan of you!!
posted by litopopgrl10 on Jun 16, 2008
Hey Miley You rock peaace
posted by icantpikasn1 on Jun 16, 2008
ur a dirty whore ((((: kidding
posted by blahblah on Jun 15, 2008
Miley I swear to God you are turning into an idiot!
posted by kddd on Jun 15, 2008
your gay.
posted by wake up sweetie! on Jun 15, 2008
miley u need to wake up and see that ur turnin into a little to exposed to this britany spears jamie thing u can get attention for doin good things and not bein sluttly cuz u r and i totally love u n now everyone at my school hates u they think ur a whore and sorry to say its true wake up and see ur only 15!!!!!not 25! ur a lil kidd not some adlut and ur makin urself look wayyy bad!!!! ur losein ur lil ones def.... and all ur older ones.. its not cool and it makes u uncooll....and thats so not u.
posted by ppenguinshockey4 on Jun 15, 2008
Okay on thing"Hanaha Montana"or"Miley", you said ur name was Destiny Hope.Second stop being a slut, u act like a bitch.Get a life miley fans and get over urself Destiny.your singing sucks!!
posted by rayan on Jun 14, 2008
Dear miley,hannah montana im your biggest Fan and u rock kkep it on your my faviroute and hottest celeb i hope i becoe u rock the wolrd!!!!!!!!!!!

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