Sammy Hagar Taps Chad Smith and Joe Satriani for a New Band

May 29, 2008 09:31:20 GMT

The ex-Van Halen lead singer seems set to make a special comeback to the music scene by forming a star studded rock band.

Sammy Hagar Taps Chad Smith and Joe Satriani for a New Band
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Rock fans are about to witness the coming of a super new band formed by ex-Van Halen vocalist, Sammy Hagar. Accompanying Sammy for the band's line up are great names in the music scene, such as guitar legend Joe Satriani, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith and ex-Van Halen bass player, Michael Anthony.

The star studded affair plans to give their collaboration act, Chickenfoot as its name. Revealing the story behind the forming of the new band, Chad told media that the reason he was involved in the project saying, "If you're in Cabo, of course you know Sammy' cause he rules the joint. He's a really nice man, he's a great guy actually. Somehow he's taken a liking to me, and we played in Vegas, and we played some cover songs-we're a good cover band now."

Moreover, the drummer also said about the current works from the band saying, "Him and Joe got together up at his place and they wrote, like, five things together, and we'll see." Adding to Chad's explanation, Sammy told the press, "We've written eight, nine song... When people hear the music, it's Led Zeppelin. It's as good as that. I know that's a mighty bold statement... We could rival Zep!"

Before planing to form Chickenfoot, Sammy has actually done other side projects with Joe and Anthony. The previous project is called Planet Us and was formed in 2002.


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posted by zelig on Nov 13, 2009
posted by jbrac on Oct 27, 2009
I've heard a couple of songs from it and you can't sit still when it's playin. It just makes you want to MOVE. Best rock I have heard in TOO long.
posted by Gray Rocker on Aug 24, 2009
This rocks. Joe and Sammy cannot fail!!!!!
posted by sz_wiseman on Apr 09, 2009
The RR strikes again. Sammy has jammed with great players and continues to do so. This cat is da shiznit! He's ALL HEART dis guy. Montrose, Neil Schon, Ed halen and now the MASTER: JOE SATRIANI. I beleive great music is possible by humans who have it inside the heart and are able to got it out. Sammy has always mentioned how he appreciates great music from a variety of musicians and it shows when he can put ego and all dat crap aside and just ROCK. GO GET EM RR! sZ
posted by Deano on Mar 25, 2009
Good to see the oldies gettin their arses outta retirement to make some fucken wicked grooves
posted by monahakb on Feb 28, 2009
I just don't get everybody saying Van Halen ex front man.They needed him he did'nt need them.
posted by dynaglydr on Jan 26, 2009
To have a band as good or close to ZEP, HELL YES! It's about time some good rock came back to Earth again.
posted by chilimiri on Jan 08, 2009
Its a great notice, but Hagar is trying to speak for the other components of this group. I think Satriani and Smith will not agree to call it a Led Zeppelin rival. I like red hot, Satch and Led Zeppelin and there's not any better than other, they are different.
posted by cov93 on Dec 20, 2008
Sammy ROCKS !!! Anything he does ROCKS !! Stay tuned we are in for a great treat. Viva Sam Halen / Van Hagar
posted by whcccs8 on Nov 18, 2008
It's only Led Zeppelin if they are playing Zeppelin cover songs. I know they are good musicians, but no way would they ever rival Zeppelin.
posted by rhcpjhlz on Nov 16, 2008
As excited as I am to hear them, I don't think they'll be rivaling led.
posted by Big Galoot on Sep 10, 2008
Sammy was rockin before VanHalen was playing in their garage
posted by dredrocker on Aug 14, 2008
Come Back? Don't call it a come back, Sammy's been here for years! Damn near forty years by my count. I hope Chickenfoot tours extensively, I won't miss it.
posted by kohnmarkus on Aug 08, 2008
Chicken foot-when will this come out???

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