Jesse McCartney Dating Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day

May 23, 2008 06:39:14 GMT

Being spotted spending a lot of time with Aubrey O'Day from Danity Kane, he is reported to be dating her.

Jesse McCartney
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Love is in the air for Jesse McCartney and Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day. The two spark dating rumors after they were spotted spending a lot of time together lately.

Aubrey was out to offer her support for the young male singer as he celebrated the release of his new album "Departure" at Marquee lounge in New York City on Wednesday, May 21. Jesse, 21, and Aubrey, 24, were also spotted spending time together at Butter on Monday night, May 19 during when they were even seen in each other's arms.

"Departure" is Jesse's third studio album. The LP married the street on May 20 and its first single "Leavin'" has been premiered on his MySpace site.

Aside from her singing career with the all-girl group Danity Kane, Aubrey also has a starring role in the comedy flick "American High School" which is currently underway in Palm Springs, C. A.


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posted by Hannah on May 08, 2010
no offence jess but that's about the stupidest thing you've ever done. for crying out loud the chick is brainless!!
posted by apple on Jul 10, 2009
please let her just be rebound girl. pick a prettier and a more intelligent girl, Jesse. like me! (LOL)
posted by BABE123 on Apr 02, 2009
posted by jenZ on Jan 12, 2009
NOT PERFECt... it's because it's too early too enter that kind of relationship... just an advise for your fan! take care
posted by jenZ on Jan 12, 2009
NOT PERFECt... it's because it's too early too enter that kind of relationship... just an advise for your fan! take care
posted by hotty on Dec 31, 2008
jesse mccartney is hot... i like his hair long... sorry about idt...
posted by smileygirl98 on Nov 08, 2008
Hay me again.I wanted to say, your heart most be broken because,there saying shes ugly.Well it doseent matter what they think its what you think;and tell her shes the prettyest girl ive ever seen! :)
posted by smileygirl98 on Nov 08, 2008
Hay jeese you are so cute.Im so jellise of her .she must be a lucky women to have you! :)
posted by MIMI on Sep 10, 2008
posted by cynthia on Sep 08, 2008
hey jesse you hot,,,,,,,,,,,,
posted by nicoe on Sep 08, 2008
hey jesse she is hot..........
posted by elex on Aug 21, 2008
a me nn piace x niente questa coppia!!! povero jesse!!
posted by Elex on Aug 21, 2008
Se veramente lo volete sapere a me Aubrey O'day mi fa antipatia!! Secondo lei è brava,ma nn lo è!! Ma xkè????Xkè dico io!povero jesse ti 6 rovinato!nn puoi stare con questa pagghiola che si mette con quelli + piccoli,vabè a te piacciono quelle più grandi xò nn va x niente bene!!anke la storia con Katie Cassidy è finita, ke lei è più grande di un anno,figuriamoci quella ke è più grande di 3 anni!! vabè alla fine tu devi scegliere,xò mi pare veramente un peccato ke un bel ragazzo come Jesse McCartney si va a mettere con una zoccola!!! boh!!!!! fai come vuoi!! ciao 1 kiss Elex
posted by MissTisdale#1Fan on Aug 18, 2008
wat the Heck Jesse????!!!! is wayyyyyy hotter than her y on earth is he with her I mean she is no ugly but she loooookz soooooooooooooooooo old like she is in the 40s.I think he should date another girl.WOULD SOMEONE PLZZZZZZ THEM THEM THAT BEFORE THEY KISS??????!!!!!!!
posted by bibu21 on Aug 06, 2008
jesse is the number bone
posted by simonik on Aug 06, 2008
i love you jesse
posted by doran 710530 on Aug 06, 2008
ho come on he looks so hot and hollibby you are so right shes withe him only becuse he is famuse and she is with him becuse his always on the tv but he so blaind and he cant see why shes with him i just wish that some one just tell himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
posted by Lauren on Aug 02, 2008
Jesse Deserves Much better than Aubrey ! She is horrible with her extensions and her horrible make-up! Love U Jesse <3
posted by jule on Jul 28, 2008
i agree with bianca6567 im crazy for him!!!!! sorry jesse
posted by hollibby on Jul 26, 2008
ewww.. poor aubrey... jesse makes her look bad... she looks like his grandma when they're walking together. IF jesse MUST have a girlfriend.. i prefer katie cassidy... eww. aubrey and jesse are THE worst couple ever. =/
posted by katiecassidy on Jul 23, 2008
jesse does deserve better.. he will get hurt i love him!
posted by steelerfan on Jul 17, 2008
they make a great couple
posted by XxTitaxX on Jul 12, 2008
Wow, they make a cute cuople :)
posted by kOOlest_chiq on Jul 12, 2008
she is nOt a hoe i hope they lastt ! many just that b/c they wish he went out with them.
posted by idk on Jul 12, 2008
posted by aubrey<3 jesse<3 on Jul 09, 2008
you know aubrey is actually really pretty and nice. i think they make a perfect couple
posted by JesseLOVER on Jul 02, 2008
they cant possibly be dating, they havent kissed yet.. im not believing it but i dont want jesse getting hurt!
posted by ? on Jun 26, 2008
ya'll need to chill ! aubrry is hot and deserves better than him!! he looks lie hes 5 !
posted by aclare101 on Jun 23, 2008
Come You Deserve Someone Way Better Than Her.. You Deserve Me!!=]]
posted by Lavy on Jun 20, 2008
Come on Jesse, OPEN UR EYES, u deserve much beTter than her . .
posted by bk4758 on Jun 17, 2008
ew jesse can do way better, shes just a ho!
posted by bianca6567 on Jun 17, 2008
agreed. jesse should be mine :)

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