T.I. Releases New Single 'No Matter What'

April 30, 2008 06:04:41 GMT

The rapper has officially released the new single from his upcoming album "Paper Trail" on April 29.

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More details on T.I.'s new single from his upcoming album "Paper Trail" has just been revealed on April 29. That day, the new single titled "No Matter What" got its first release to public at his website

On the lyrics T.I. spoke about his life and the problems he is having. Some of it was heard, "Never have you seen in your lifetime, a more divine Southern rapper with a swag like mine. Facing all kinds of time but smile like I'm fine ... pain is a small thing to a giant ... Ali said even the greatest gotta suffer sometime. I ain't dead, done, I ain't scared, I ain't run/ Still I stand/ No matter what, people, here I am."

About his new album, which will be his sixth studio album, it has already been confirmed that "Paper Trail" will be released in September 2008. For the album he also worked with some famous names, such as Justin Timberlake, Estelle, Kanye West and Ne-Yo.

T.I. most successful album until now is his fourth "King" that was sold about 2.5 million copies in U.S. and debuted at #2 on Billboard 200.

T.I.'s New Single "No Matter What":


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posted by lisamarie on Dec 11, 2009
DAMNN op ta lemoit tiamo!
posted by lil blue on May 12, 2009
your the sexiest out there ii love you!!!!! keep the best music out there coming your sexy number one fan
posted by lilma on Nov 04, 2008
T.I is so sexy and he makes good music and it actually makes sence unlike most peole and thats why i love T.I.
posted by meara1618 on Sep 14, 2008
t.i is one of the greatest. he talks about real life things. some of them other rappers just talk about stupid shit but no not t.i. thats why i love t.i not to mention that he is sexy as hell.

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