International Trailer: More Looks Into Angelina Jolie's 'Wanted'

April 26, 2008 03:15:03 GMT

A new international trailer of action film starring Angelina Jolie revealed more in-depth look into Timur Bekmambetov-directed film.

International Trailer: More Looks Into Angelina Jolie's 'Wanted'
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Action movies' fans are treated with more action sequences and never before seen clips coming from the forthcoming Universal Pictures' film "Wanted (2008)" as a new international trailer from the action tidbit starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy put on the net. Though the one minute long footage is not in English, it still gives out new takes on the film coming into theaters June 27.

Unlike the first two domestic trailers, this international trailer opens literally with a bang as Jolie who looks like to be involved in a gun fight fires her gun and the camera goes on capturing the bullet flying through the air. After the screen goes blank momentarily, the image of Jolie leaning against a wall resurfaces followed by a clip showing the actress sitting down amids hundreds lighted candles.

The trailer gives out hint that a romantic relationship between Jolie's and McAvoy's characters is built as bits of clips, including their kissing scene clip, suggested that the two are more than mentor and apprentice. Further into the compilation of clips, action sequences that involve car chasing and gun fights on the street, car crashing into a speeding train and many others are shown. The trailer can be enjoyed below or on its trailer page at AceShowbiz.

Coming from the creator of Russian series "Night Watch" Timur Bekmambetov, "Wanted" tells the story of a good for nothing young man, Wesley Gibson, who is recruited into the Fraternity and trained to use his powers after his estranged father was murdered to avenge his death. Based on Mark Millar's comic book miniseries of the same title, the filming took place in Chicago, Czech Republic and Budapest starting in April 2007 until August 2007.

"Wanted" International Trailer:

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