Nas' Controversial 'Nigger' Song Leaked On-line

April 22, 2008 02:25:25 GMT

A new joint from the rapper who names his album 'Nigger' has been released making references to Islam, Eminem and Lucky Dube's recent murder.

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In a bid to make the word 'Nigger' having a subtler meaning, Nas has leaked a new song that proudly bears the title. The rapper who made headlines in October last year for naming his new album "Nigger", has released the single "Be a Nigger Too" that contains the controversial word all over its lyrics.

In the song, Nas talks about sensitive issues such as Islam, the NAACP, the murder of South African reggae artist Lucky Dube and also young Eminem using the N-word for racial slur but didn't make him mad. He begins with: "You are now allowed to listen to the radio, real niggers are back" before going with "I'm a nigger, he's a nigger, she's nigger, we some niggers / wouldn't you like to be a nigger too / They like to strangle niggers, blame a nigger, shootin' niggers, hangin' niggers / still you wanna be a nigger too... true," on the chorus.

The reference to Eminem and Dube goes: "Not mad cause Eminem said nigger / Cause he's my nigger / Wigger / Cracker friend / We all black within / We all African within / Some African's don't like us no way / A killin' happened in Johannesburg yesterday."

The Salaam Remi-produced track is not yet confirmed as a single from the Island Def Jam album. The official first single off the July 1 effort is expected to be released soon.

Nas, "Be a Nigger Too":


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posted by white guy on Dec 06, 2010
you too piss/urine/pee whatever
posted by white guy on Dec 06, 2010
yeah maybe it will wake you niggers up so you can go to work
posted by white guy on Dec 06, 2010
is he shitty-dirty niggers brother
posted by white guy on Dec 06, 2010
is that his name or the extent of alphabet
posted by white guy on Dec 06, 2010
i cant beleive that shit is considered music
posted by white guy on Dec 06, 2010
it does not bother me besides they are all neggers right
posted by pee on Jul 11, 2008
this is da hottest album in years we need some shit like dis to wake everyone up. good lookin out Nas.

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