Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend to Buy 2 Million Pound Sterling Love Nest

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley and her actor boyfriend Rupert Friend reportedly are planning to buy a new 2 million pound sterling London home to help keep them close to one another.

It appears that Keira Knightley and her actor boyfriend Rupert Friend are taking their romance into a higher level with a plan to buy a new 2 million pound sterling London home to help keep them close to one another. The pair reportedly are looking for a property in Notting Hill.

Keira and Friend were co-stars in the 2005 drama romance "Pride and Prejudice." They've been dating since then. There have been rumors that they are engaged to be married, but both of them denied the claims.

Rumor has it that plan to buy the love nest came after Keira and Friend argued as she's getting jealous of the relationship Friend has with actress Sophia Myles, his co-star in the movie "Buddha's Little Finger." Friends of the couple claimed they have been arguing about Friend's workload and how little time they spend together.

"Keira was quite concerned they were drifting and he was getting a bit too close to Sophia," the Daily Mail quoted a friend of the celebrity couple as saying. "So she flew to the set in Germany and they sorted things out. It was then that they decided to buy a house together and they are going to put in 1million pounds each."

The friend then went on adding, "Keira has turned down all scripts for the time being so she can spend more time with Rupert. The problem is he has been doing back-to-back projects for months."



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