Video Premiere: Yung Berg's 'What It Do'

Yung Berg

Yung Berg released another video for his new track which is expected to be in his debut album.

Another fresh video has been released by Yung Berg, a rapper who will soon release his debut album under a joint venture by Koch and Epic Records. Berg has recently premiered a video for "Do That There" and he is now releasing another for his single "What It Do" featuring J.F.K..

Like "Do That", "What It" is also slated to be included in his upcoming album, "Look What You Made Me" along with another track called "One Night". The set is expected to be released on July 1, featuring guest appearances by Twista, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eve, Shawnna, Rich Boy, Jim Jones and DMX.

Berg was making rounds on the music scene after releasing an EP called "Almost Famous" in July last year. He is also the featured artist in Ray J's successful single "Sexy Can I".

Yung Berg, "What It Do":



    Oct 08, 2008

    omg heey, yung SEXXI berg youur name will now be yung berg houle;] sinnnce we qo out;) jokinnq juss in my dreams but umm yeaah youu should come to winnipeg some time for a concert like omg i would cry if youu came and i would like totally wannna meet you you would just be on stage and youu would say cann i please have jane on thaa staqe now;) danq heey youu should:) but umm yeaah see youu arounnd i luv youu so mucch babeey;) JANE WAS HERE;] iloveyouu yung berq,

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