Rihanna Out for New Tattoo and Party with Chris Brown

April 10, 2008 07:44:45 GMT

After recently released statements saying that she and Chris Brown were just friends, Rihanna was spotted again with the RnB stud in New York.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown have recently denied rumors of a romance and said that they were only friends, but the twosome was spotted spending time together again. Paparazzi cameras caught them while they were out in New York on Tuesday, April 8. She and Chris stopped by at Whatever Tattoo parlor before later heading to a party at Hotel Chelsea.

On the tattoo parlor, Rihanna had herself a new tattoo. It was a collection of stars plunging down from her neck to the back. Before making the stars tattoo, the "Umbrella" singer has had four other tattoos; a music note on her ankle, a Pisces behind her right ear, a star inside her left ear and a Sanskrit prayer going down the hip. A problem occured as she and Chris were about to leave the place where fans and paparazzi have waited for them outside. To avoid the crowd the couple have to be escorted by their bodyguards and the NYPD police.

After leaving the tattoo parlor they went straight to the party, where Rihanna revealed to the press her new tattoo. Although spotted together, she and Chris seemed to avoid being shot in a romantic scene as they always walked separately.

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been rumored to be dating, but at the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, March 29, both of them released statements insisting that they were just friends.

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you dont deserve him bitch
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chrisbrown what are you doing riht now
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