Kylie Minogue Said Cancer Battle Is 'Not Over'

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has openly admitted to Sunday Mirror that her fight against cancer is "not over" and that she's still, however, dreaming of marrying and having children.

The battle is not over just yet for Kylie Minogue. The breast cancer survivor has openly admitted to Sunday Mirror that her fight against cancer is "not over," adding that there were fears the illness could have ruined her career.

Revealed in an interview with the Britain publication to mark her 40th birthday that her battle with cancer was ongoing and that checkups continued to occur, the Aussie pop songstress said, "It's not over ... the voyage doesn't end suddenly. That's why it's so difficult to talk about it." She, nevertheless, said she had been touched by the kindness of others around her during the tough time.

"I remember one day in Paris during my treatment when I was in a cafe on the corner - and at the time I was really glad if I could make it as far as there. A young man approached me and gave me a rose. He said simply: 'Be brave. We're thinking of you'", so she recalled.

Furthermore telling Sunday Mirror that "her brush with death had inspired her both musically and in her personal life," Kylie admitted one of the ways she coped with breast cancer was by dreaming of performing again.

"It was always my goal throughout this challenge," she said. "Returning to the stage signified returning to a normal life. There's also a song on my album called Stars which says that 'the stars don't just shine in one place'. I wanted to say that because even in the darkest moments, there's always beauty and light. When I was in hospital with people I'd never met who had my life in their hands, we were able to laugh together, even in terrifying situations."

Is turning 40 on May 28 later this year, Kylie claimed she's still dreaming of marrying and having children. Though so, she did not feel the need to be a mother to feel completely fulfilled in her life.

"It's a difficult question, because it's not as easy as that," Kylie told Paris Match Magazine recently. "If it happens, it will be marvelous. I love the idea of a family. But I won't tell myself that I absolutely have to have children to make my life complete."



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