Jet Li and Jackie Chan Re-Teaming for Another Movie?

March 19, 2008 03:22:43 GMT

As their first film together 'The Forbidden Kingdom' is nearing its release on April 18, the two kungfu films' stars have been reported to be planning on making another movie together.

Jet Li and Jackie Chan Re-Teaming for Another Movie?
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Though their latest action film "The Forbidden Kingdom" has yet to open in the theaters, it has been rumored that the two top Asian action stars, Jet Li and Jackie Chan are planning to collaborate their acts once again for another movie. According to The Associated Press, following their first teaming up in "Kingdom", both Li and Chan revealed their desire to work together again at a Hong Kong news conference on Tuesday, March 18 to promote the Lions Gate Films' movie.

Hinting on the possibility of them reteaming in another film, Chan, who gathered recognition from Hollywood though 1995's "Rumble in the Bronx" as well as "Rush Hour" series, revealed that he and Li had so much fun filming for the Rob Minkoff-directed film that they didn't want the fun to be ended there. "The first day we started filming, it felt like we had worked together for many years," he said, "after filming this movie, we didn't have enough fun." Though refusing to give out further details about their second collaboration, AP reported that the kungfu movies' stars have planned to make another movie together based on a script which they have started working on 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, their upcoming film "Kingdom" is an English-language movie shot in China about a kungfu obsessed American teenager who unexpectedly sent to ancient China after finding an antique Chinese staff. There, he meets Drunken Master Lu Yan, Silent Monk and kungfu beauty Golden Sparrow who help him to return the staff to the owner. The film is set to bow in North American theaters on April 18 and in Asia on April 24, whereas the trailer can be seen on its trailer page at AceShowbiz.


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posted by carla meneses on Feb 07, 2011
uu jet li tiene un fisico e ta pa puro comerselo..........mmmm tupa q taria rikoooo beso JET LI<3<3<3
posted by konita on Feb 07, 2011
wuaauuu!!! amo a JET LI es el mejor para aser periculas lo amo con todo mi corazon.........ers el mejor JET LI
posted by ricosta on Dec 11, 2010
je veux toute les action de vopus

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