Concert Featuring Webbie Turned to a Fiasco

Concert Featuring Webbie Turned to a Fiasco

People crowded the streets, smoking marijuana and left litters behind at a rap concert in Galveston.

At least 12 people have been arrested during a Webbie-headlining concert in Galveston, Texas on Sunday, March 16. Multiple fights have occurred during the event dubbed Spring Break Party Beach Bash that was hosted by Houston radio station Party 93.3 fm and featured other performers like Lil Keke & Lil Wil, 2 Pistols and Colby O'Donnis.

According to a press release, there were four officers on duty but several brawls broke out on the streets, leaving them very short-handed. The Galveston police department tried to restore order after performances from the artists for four straight hours with the help of more Galveston's on-duty officers.

Not only fights, people were reportedly creating chaos by partying on the streets. A restaurant owner said that they were dancing on top of cars, smoking marijuana, drinking beers and left trashes behind. The concert held up 4,500 to 5,000 people but no one was reported to be seriously injured as of the news hour but Galveston County Daily News reported that an officer broke his finger while trying to control the crowd.



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