Bottles Thrown at Lil Wayne in His London Concert

March 18, 2008 02:53:32 GMT

Lil Wayne's London concert earlier this month turned a chaos where at one point bottles almost hit the rapper.

Lil Wayne
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Photo credit: Adam Bielawski/PR Photos

Chaos happened at Lil Wayne's concert in London where at one point bottles were sent flying to the stage. The rapper was serving a night at Stratford Rex and playing an electric guitar that accompanied his rendition of "Party Like a Rock Star" when two guys started becoming violent towards each other and prompted more troubles to the packed concert.

A blogger at MoveTheCrowd happened to attend the gig and recounted the situation. While girls and some female members of Wayne's entourage quickly headed down towards the artist exit, Wayne still attempted to mend the situation by keep on performing. Bodyguards removed one culprit off the stage but an unknown person from the audience then threw a bottle near Wayne, making the rapper stop on track.

The incident that was captured on camera saw Wayne shouting to the crowd, "whoever just did that, this whole mother f*ckin grown needs to beat his ass because he just...he fucked up our shit." He then walked off the stage although more bottles were still thrown and the situation was still pretty intense.

The blogger said that the exits from the venue were closed by the promoter and "people were genuinely scared". Sticking by his professionalism, Wayne then re-appeared on the stage to do a couple more songs before jetting to his tour bus and ended the concert.

Lil Wayne's Chaotic London Concert:


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posted by the real lil wayne on Oct 30, 2010
please ya let it go im good and most yaaa hatin bitchs
posted by fuck lil wayne on Jun 09, 2010
hahahahah what a pussssssyyyyyy fag walked off stage hahahahah
posted by lil wayne sucks ball on Jun 09, 2010
fuck lil wayne this fag cant even rap if you want to hear real music listen to real hip hop not this bullshit rap listen to real music
posted by im sooo in love with on May 24, 2010
lol listen to all you haters did he run off when the bottle got thrown at him no he stood there and spoke and still wanted to come back on and ruins every song uhhh lolly pop was brilliant bedrok was brilliant down was brilliant so uhhhh wheres the shit songs what do u lot do as a living ur jeleous he rich got talent and his hair is dreadlocks u dumb idoits and he is fit as ever omg u lot are haters and the people that threw the bottle payed to see him lol so he cant be that crap so think about that if you hated him sooo much u wouldnt of payed to see him would u uhhhh no lol your jeleous and look at ur own life before u pick at his how sad are u hes this hes that uhhh hes rich and has had the last laugh at all you broke fools who dont amount to shit when he does and dont threaten him just coz he famous god u are actually sad and because of the person from london lol it would have been there youve messed it up for all of us grow the hell up love you lil wayne soooo much your my ideal husband your voice is sooo sexy thats right i said his voice is sexy and dame right dirty xxxxxx
posted by fuck weezy on Oct 23, 2009
All u lil Wayne fans r fuckin retarted. if weezy was a g then why'd he tell the crowd 2 handle the Guy who threw the bottle?? What badass blood couldn't do it himself?? He a fake. 2pac would have went crazy on that fool. Weezy steals lyrics and has ghost writers. Y'all ever heard of Gillie?? Youtube lil Wayne is a swagger jacker and you'll finally c the truth. Westside muthafuckas. Fuck that nigga from new Orleans
posted by WEEZY WIFE *soon tuh on Sep 06, 2009
IIGHT LISTEN yo i hope n PRAY Wayne dnt fine tht person who trew tht shit at him...tht person needs to grow the fuck up if you hate him why wast yo money on his ticket tuh c him c. .i dont get mother fuckin humans these days cause we shore dam no..NO ONE NO ONE even his haters are gonna try n mess with him outta a concert cause they no 2 seconds their beat up shot in the head n foot n in a garbage can this person only did tht cause they knew they coulnt do nothin bout it if they dnt no who they were...n FUCK wayne hater yall just pissed he makin millions why your tryin to get a job at Mc.Donalds
posted by pt on Jul 14, 2009
shuda didum, like pitbull pull on stage an knocc tha fool
posted by lil wayne on May 08, 2009
im gonna fucking kill yo all who threw bottles at me
posted by Lil Lame on Apr 17, 2009
what a cry baby lil bitch.
posted by lil bitch wayne on Apr 17, 2009
posted by The man on Apr 01, 2009
who ever shot that bottle I`m gonna kill them chopper style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by white on Mar 31, 2009
im white and i like lil wayne and obama
posted by Killa killa on Mar 28, 2009
Ha man yaw kill me wit dis
posted by lil money on Mar 08, 2009
weezys da man yo ..
posted by hater on Jan 14, 2009
fuck lil wayne it looks like u got shit growin out of your damn hair and all u that say your gonna kill me come do it lil wayne is not a blood u fuckin fake
posted by lil wayne hater 4 li on Jan 14, 2009
4 all u that say u w ill kill m e 4 being a hater come try it he sucks ass he cant rap he can lick my right ass cheak u fuckin fake blood
posted by love4lilwayne on Jan 10, 2009
Yo if I evvr find tha fucker that did that shit to lil wayne I wuld fuckin kill them. Wtf were they thinkin. He'll brush it off and it wnt matta tho he's still the best rapper alive and no fuckin water bottles guna change that shit.
posted by lil wayne fan on Dec 09, 2008
suck my ass lil wayne haters if i find the nigga who frew that bottle i sware i will fucking kill him/her
posted by lil wayne fan on Dec 09, 2008
suck my ass lil wayne haters if i find the nigga who frew that bottle i sware i will fucking kill him/her
posted by XcuZ on Dec 04, 2008
haha owned & left (he came back singing ofc :D)
posted by mr. moo on Dec 02, 2008
posted by lil wayne is gay on Nov 03, 2008
lil wayne is a fag and I can't wait for the world to realize that he SUCKS, and his voice is fucking annoying. he ruins every track hes on.. tell me why people still listen to him!?
posted by Da big LDN on Oct 19, 2008
ful u yanks mann he deservd dat talkin bout crackers and dat u mann cum london and ur c ur get ur wig splits u slags real badmann shit rnd her sonny get me fukin baggy clothes wearin anal heads ur mums and ur ded grans!!
posted by tyler ehrig on Oct 06, 2008
lil wayne sucks ass!!!!!!!!
posted by on Oct 06, 2008
shut up lil wayne is a G FOSHO. i bust dat cracka square in da jaw wit that water bottl. whoev did it is dum az hell son
posted by crazyhaleytweek11@ya on Sep 11, 2008
lil wayne is da shyt!!!!you dda sickezt rapper alive!
posted by lil wayne fan on Sep 07, 2008
also,hey lil wayne,if u ever find that ass hole,blow dat nigga cap off.
posted by bangbang on Sep 06, 2008
lil wyane hater is a little bxtch. ooo if i knew who you was yo ass wouldn't be here no mo. i woulda done fxcked up that bxtch ass dude who eva threw that water bottle. if i was at that concert you woulda had one goin to yo head my boy. watch out now. this ain't no threat but yeah. peace it bxtch.
posted by on Aug 22, 2008
i believe he said "whoever just did that, this whole mother f*ckin crowd needs to beat his ass because he just...he fucked up the whole show ."
posted by Lil wayne fan frm dx on Aug 10, 2008
ppl from London r motherfucker bitches i swear .. i mean cmon u hv to preciet the rapper .. motherfucker i swear u ppl r fuckd up inda head . lose u ppl da funny accent and then talk english .. god damit!! london is a trash
posted by badb0y1 on Jul 08, 2008
accually i believe his words were "whoever just did that, this whole mother f*ckin crowd needs to beat his ass because he just...he fucked up ya'll shit."
posted by lil wayne hater on Jun 17, 2008
he sucks, whiny voice, doesnt rap, bad lyrics, overreacted to a water bottle.....wowwww

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