Third 'Aliens vs. Predator' Film to Be Developed?

Third 'Aliens vs. Predator' Film to Be Developed?

Rumor has it that the third installment of the aliens battle saga films is most definitely going to be made at the moment.

Despite the fact that "Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem" received bad raves from film critics, it has been rumored that there will be another sequel to the action thriller film. According to ShockTillYouDrop, the third installment of the alien wars movie series "Aliens vs. Predator 3" is most likely to be developed.

Shock reported that an insider at 20th Century Fox claimed that the third film is a "certainty at this point". The site also noted that the war will be continued in space as what the site has been reported back in December 2007. Whether the "Requiem" directors, the Strause brothers, is going to helm the next sequel or not is still unconfirmed.

The DVD version of "Requiem" will be outed in stores on April 15. The first sequel to "Aliens vs. Predator" has landed on the number 6 slot of the domestic weekend box office on its opening weekend pulling in $10 million. It then went to collect $41.8 million in North America only and $128.9 million worldwide.


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    Jul 22, 2012

    @JDnice11 I suppose you consider Transformers and Twilight as classics since you like the AVP movies that much, you stupid idiot.

    Robert W
    Jul 06, 2012

    @JDnice11 you honestly believe that the AVP movies are classics? AVP has a 22% approval rating and AVPR has a 12% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That means they're not classics. If you believe that they are, then there are no words to describe how stupid you are.

    Jul 04, 2012

    There aren't going to be anymore AVP movies because AVPR was so bad it killed the AVP franchise and nearly killed the Alien and Predator franchises too. Just click the 'Aliens vs. Predator 3' Unlikely link and you'll see why. And to JDnice11 you're a retard for thinking the AVP movies are classics, don't you know a bad movie when you see one? I guess you're just easily entertained and any movie you see, good or bad, you consider it a classic.

    Apr 02, 2009

    The Only bad thing i got to say about AVPR is that it was too dark. Not in the sense that it was too Violent or gritty but DARK, i couldnt see the things that you wanted to see! Anyway i AVP 1&2 caught my interest and even thought they werent Hollywood Blockbusters, they are classics and cant wait for them to make another AvP! This one they should go all out! Gloomy, Gritty and Violent!

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