Rihanna and Chris Brown's PDA, the Photos


Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted heating things up on Saturday night, March 1 at a birthday bash for renowned fashion photographer Peter Beard in Paris, France.

The rumor mill is buzzing again. Rihanna and Chris Brown are caught in the act, spotted heating things up in Paris, France over the weekend.

The supposed lovers, who are hard at work in keeping their romance secret, have been spotted getting up close and personal at a birthday bash for renowned fashion photographer Peter Beard in Paris, France on Saturday night, March 1. Photos of the pair's PDA could be seen at Celebrity-gossip.net.

Rihanna and Chris Brown's hush hush romance has become major media headlines as of late with their being spotted together at many occasions. Both of them were said to be getting close together at a post-Grammy party and Chris was even said to sing an acapella version of "Happy Birthday" for Rihanna during her 20th birthday party at Los Angeles' Les Deux nightclub on February 19.

Added fuel to the persistent dating rumors, Chris Brown and Rihanna were snapped frolicking together on vacation in Jamaica. As of late, she's said to have taken Chris to meet her relatives for the first time while they were in Barbados to celebrate the "Rihanna Day" on February 21.

Though so, either of them apparently agreed on not discussing their romance with the public as they always denied rumors of a romantic relationship.

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    Juicy kim
    Apr 20, 2009

    I think cris and rihanna work it out and get marry,love u guys

    nan luv
    Mar 05, 2009

    iam lyk totaly fo cris en rihanna but am way cuter than her big tym.i luv u cris man '''

    Feb 28, 2009

    i think you are sweet at sinning i am a FAN SORRY about what hapend

    bardha by albania
    Jan 13, 2009

    rihana and chris brown they look good together. i love them so much

    Dec 27, 2008

    rihanna and chris brown make a very cute couple

    Aug 24, 2008

    Ilike you sound rihanna you a cool

    Aug 22, 2008

    i think rihanna is awesome but not so awesome to be with chris brown. he's way tooo hot for her. He deserves better than that. I think jorday sparks looks good with him and they sing good together

    Jul 01, 2008

    rihanna you are a lesbo i saw you have sex with girls on some viedos clips

    Jun 24, 2008

    They mak a...cute couple but they jus 2 scare 2 say they go out

    lulu baby
    Jun 15, 2008

    i tink they like ok thogther but for real i think chris brown looks good with jordan sparks!

    Mar 28, 2008

    Mannnnn... Get her outta hea!.... Dats ma man an alwayz will be... Fuk her BIG forehead, head 2 big fa her body lukin azz....

    Mar 14, 2008

    hey i think u and chrisbrown look good together thought

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