'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' On the Way?

March 01, 2008 07:41:08 GMT

It was reported that Disney are planning to produce the fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise 'Pirates of the Caribbean' set to be released in 2011.

'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' On the Way?
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Good news coming from Walt Disney. According to Cinematical, the mouse house have been planning to release the fourth installment of its most successful "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" sometime in 2011.

Though many reports are conflicting on how the studio get on the fourth film, many favor that the fourth film will focus solely on the renowned Captain Jack Sparrow. Further, it was said that as the studio is trying to downsize the film's budget, the fourth installment would probably have a lighter take on the special effects.

Aside from planning to release "Pirates 4", Disney is reportedly going to make the follow-up of "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" and the sequel to one of the studio's successful animations "Cars".

The first three "Pirates" films which features Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have been extremely successful as it gained millions of dollars each. The first film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" has grossed $305.4 million domestically and $654.3 million worldwide. Further, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" got better reception by earning $423.3 in North America only and over one billion dollars around the world, while the third "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End" reached $961 million in its worldwide sales.


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posted by luna on Oct 26, 2010
Barbossa totally has to get the girl...maybe even a hotty ^^
posted by elena on Aug 15, 2009
capten jack sparow is the pest pirate ever! he is funny,crazy and full of aidiars!i like the way he talks and how he olweys askape!!!!
posted by nick on Jun 07, 2009
i believe that the captain Jack Sparrow will get back the ship(black pearl) and Barbossa will stay alone on a small island where no one can find it.About Elizabeth and Will i believe they get into new adventures.The child of them will become a pirate and the story will continue from the begin.PLEASE THE FOURTH MOVIE SHOW IT ON 2009 ON DECEMBER. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE CONTINUE
posted by CinemaFan2012 on Apr 29, 2009
Whats up wtf is taking so long for jerry bruckheimer and walt disney pictures to give the next official pirates of the caribbean 4 movie update on the internet?, can someone explain that one to me here???.
posted by LOPRETE on Apr 18, 2009
i think it should mostly be about jack and Barbosa, and not a romantic movie with will and elizabeth
posted by 1trueluv on Apr 07, 2009
Will and Elizabeth have to be in POTC 4. Didn't you notice that in the last scene Elizabeth didn't age.Neither did Will. Why is that?perhaps something to do with the fountain of youth?Maybe they won't be major characters but their story is definatly not over!so excited to see what disney comes up with for the next few films...trilogy my butt...make them like chronicles!Pirate fans want more!!!!
posted by Jackie needs his gir on Mar 27, 2009
I'm absolutely ecstatic that POTC is returning.but I really do belive that jack needs a special someone. To tie it into the previous films how about the semi goddes offspring of calypso and Davy jones? Maybe even put the fountain of youth on Atlantis? Which our half goddess would be a queen of?
posted by nitesh on Jan 18, 2009
if u are working hard all member in this film tht film is complte in the end of 2009. because every friends are so exeited to watch the part 4
posted by saildaseezz on Dec 29, 2008
MAKE A FOURTH WITH WILL N KEIRA! Have Jack meet up with his family (Like that one guy in the third when jack asks hows mum?) When Will and elizabeth have a child keira should give jack the child to raise as a man. Then have Barbossa kill will rite before will drinks from the fountain of youth then he will live for all eternity and all other cast member will somehow find their way to the fountain. Jack will ride off to sea with the pearl and Barbossa in the dutchmen. Elizabeth and will raise their son in a harbor just like the first movie began. the child will grow up to be just like granpa bootstrap and jack n Barbossa will sail the seven seas for all eternity becoming living legends doing what they have strived for their whole lives.
posted by Melinda on Nov 01, 2008
I love Pirates of the Caribbean. The movie won't be the same if everyone doesn't come back. Why wouldn't they, these movies have made them so much money. And they are going to quit now? I don't think so. I think they should focus on will and elizabeths son in the movies. Maybe him getting into it trying to be like his dad and being with him since he only gets to see him once every ten years. then he gets caught up with jack and barbosa, and I don't know. I just want another movie. I love it.
posted by natlie on Oct 29, 2008
posted by All-The-Characters on Oct 19, 2008
I think that Will and Elizabeth should be in the 4th movie. Jack is my favorite captain, and he's been playing a way-beyond-awsome role in all 3 movies, and am positive he's going to be even better in the next movie, but only having jack and barbossa just won't make the movie that much fun. The fountain should be used to do something about will and bring him and elizabeth together again. All three movies have been based on the same characters; you can't just remove every one and only have jack and barbossa in the movie. At least include Elizabeth in the 4th movie, and have Jack, Barbossa, and Elizabeth fight for the Fountain of youth, because each wants to use it to get what they want the most. Everyone should get what they want in the end; that's in the very last movie. Who knows how many more of the POTC series they are going to come up with until they get to the very last one, and that's deffinately the movie where everyone does get what they want the most. The more series, the better :) !!!
posted by potclover4evr on Oct 18, 2008
Elizabeth and Will should play some part...I think the story direction as indicated by the ending of 3 is that in Jack's guilt and empathy of Wills new post and how it effects Will and Elizabeth's relationship...With Will being eternally responsible for the Dutchman and its duties that his trek for the fountain of youth would be a way to allow Will and Elizabeth to enjoy each other for eternity, as well as benefitting Jack as well.
posted by hopefulleter on Oct 10, 2008
i think that they have to keep will and elizabeth in otherwise it wouldnt be the same and the hole story would be lost!!!!
posted by LindseyBFMVfan on Oct 09, 2008
Will and Elizabeth couldn't really be in it anyway... at the end of the 3rd film they were supposed to be ten years older but looked exactly the same it would be stupid. I think that doing a film with jack and barbossa is a good idea however it will not be loved as much as the other 3. They should take on a different name aswell, rather than potc4 because its not the whole cast. Just some thoughts
posted by James on Oct 05, 2008
Ok here's the real deal let Capt. Jack get his pearl back. Turn Barbossa into skelton like figure so he can be the enemy and let will and elizabeth have there romance. Definitly end it with Jack Sparrow sailing off to seven seas.
posted by wood28 on Oct 01, 2008
Pirates 4 does not need enymore love scenes from the Turners,I've seen all I need to see with them it's time to move on without the kissing cry babies!!!
posted by natlie on Sep 30, 2008
Johnny Depp and Geoffery Rush are both in for a fourth adventure. But who is this famous actor as an new villon?
posted by dweediecat on Sep 27, 2008
posted by .................... on Sep 24, 2008
I dont know if Barbossa should die. He is kind of a good guy. If he does die, then it should be right at the end, after he has a big fight with jack. And what happened to Norrington? please reply
posted by .................... on Sep 24, 2008
I wonder if Tia Dalma/Calypso will have a part.
posted by .................... on Sep 24, 2008
Making a new movie would be cool, But if they do, they have to include Will and Elizabeth or the movie would not be good. Elizabeth is The King of The Brethren Court of Pirates so she must some part. Right?
posted by sean on Sep 21, 2008
Johnny depp and geoffrey rush are actually the only ones returning to their original roles in pirates of the caribbean 4 which is coming to theaters on either may 20th, 2011 friday or may 27th, 2011 friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!=). And that is no lie what so ever!, i sware it's not and would never lie on this movie webite which is "by the way" a website that's even on my internet favorites!!!!!!!!!!=).......
posted by DiamondGirl on Sep 21, 2008
A good story line would be for Will and Elizabeth to have a son, which is then kidnapped by someone from the past and held for ransom. With no one to else to turn to, she seeks out Jack Sparrow to help her. He is reluctant, yet, he stil holds the memory of the kiss he and Elizabeth shared, and feels loyalty to his friend Will as well. It is the struggle within him that fuels the plot. In Elizabeths' eyes, he is again the hero, and he bonds with the child, despite his aloof demeanor. Perhaps there is a lost love in Jacks' past, too. He lets his pirate guard down and opens his heart to Elizabeth on a moonlit night, but then the next morning, she discovers he left her side only to go to this womans' bed. He reminds her he is a pirate, first and formost, denying he has any affections once more. The mystery woman and Elizabeth become friends, but at first, there is jealousy between them over Jack. The woman wants a love like Elizabeth and Will shared with Capt. Sparrow and asks Elizabeth how to make it work. Jack teaches the child in the ways of being a pirate, against Elizabeths' wishes. Will fights for a way to get back to his family, but a fortune teller warns him bad forces are at work, trying to steal his family away from him, someone he trusted with his own life. He doesnt want to think it is Jack doing these things, but his dreams tell him different. The story goes on..headed for an explosive conclusion....
posted by pris on Sep 14, 2008
i feel that alot of people would not go out to see the movie with just sparrow in it...don't get me wrong..depp played a beautifully awesome job just as he does will all of his other diferrent characters...but with the entire cast together... the movie is sooo much more...even if they open up the story where it is almost ten yrs later and there is something that can be done for will
posted by prisvaz on Sep 14, 2008
i believe that there should be away that will should be back on land with kiera jack should stay with his what he has always wanted...and barbossa can have eternity and rule the seas as he wanted on board the dutchman...there should seriously be some sort of story like this...w/o the "turners" together in the story there really isn't much of a franchise to go about...
posted by prisvaz19 on Sep 14, 2008 all honesty...all of the characters should return..all three movies were based between a love story and some kind of quest...the chemistry between all of the characters is what made the movie what it is today..enjoyable...and leaving the fans craving for more with all the characters..
posted by I\'ve dropped my bra on Sep 10, 2008
2011 I have heard is the year for Disney and talks of POTC 4 are for real. More and more rumours are surfacing in the film world, not just fans guessing :) I really hope they do, the films are sooo morish and Johnny Depp is a credit to Jerry Bruckheimer :D I've also heard there will be more than one story though, one involving the fountain of youth, but I've also heard about the lost city of Atlantis ;)
posted by Nick on Sep 07, 2008
at one point Keira said she wanted to do other things and wouldn't return for POTC 4
posted by cpt. jordan sparrow on Aug 31, 2008
if nothings been announced for the fourth film then who says keira and orlando wont be in it. i do hope there is a 4th one though... with all the cast.
posted by Captin Jack on Aug 30, 2008
POTC 4 is coming
posted by sage on Aug 25, 2008
keep the same cast, and if this is going to be the last film in the series fuck the budget. Fill the film with special effects and make it an awesome movie with a happy ending that audiences won't forget.
posted by weee on Aug 21, 2008
honestly there should be some way to use the fountain of youth as a way to get Will's only appropriate to the story line....the only thing that may beoffsetting though is the fact that it will have to be ten years there has to be a story for the meantime
posted by weee on Aug 21, 2008
and honestly...even though i think that geoffry rush is brilliant...barbosa has to be killed off for good
posted by iluvjohnnydepp on Aug 18, 2008
you totally have 2 make a 4th potc johnny depp is so stunning but you shoud keep will 'n' elizebeth in it jack shoud totally get will and he shoud end up with elizebeth they would be totally perfect 4 each other!!!!!!!!!!!! itotally luuuv johnny depp!!!!!!!!!!
posted by iluvjohnnydepp on Aug 18, 2008
you totally have 2 make a 4th potc johnny depp is so stunning but you shoud keep will 'n' elizebeth in it jack shoud totally get will and he shoud end up with elizebeth they would be totally perfect 4 each other!!!!!!!!!!!! itotally luuuv johnny depp!!!!!!!!!!
posted by i luv u jack! on Aug 13, 2008
i love jack he should have been with kightly too late now? he still so hot!
posted by sparrow2+3 on Aug 05, 2008
continued from the last comment there should be a suprise twist like elizabeth gives birth to twins which will be played by us (were good at acting like jack)jack should be the father imagine that.
posted by sparrow2+3 on Aug 05, 2008
thats why are name is sparrow 2+3 savvy?
posted by sparrow2+3 on Aug 05, 2008
i hope they make a 4th one they should make elizabeth and jack get together it will be goo and they should kill off will and let barbossa take hs place on the dutchman
posted by Bobby on Jul 29, 2008
All you Orlando and keira fans do not fret! It is confirmed that they are making a fourth movie, and Orlando Bloom will be in it, as well as Keira Knightley will be aside Johnny Depp, seeing as Keira is the Pirate "King"
posted by Cow on Jul 29, 2008
They should make one definetly, I didn't like third movie, but now that they have ended that storyline it should be ok.
posted by ANARCHY on Jul 28, 2008
I hope that they will make a forth because the series is great and hopefully they should make it at 2009 or end of 2008 with all the characters
posted by craziibella11495 on Jul 23, 2008
i really would love to c there child...i mean will and elizibeths baby...i hope they include thm in the 4th movie =[
posted by piccolo11435 on Jul 23, 2008
omg! will and elizabeth have to be in the 3rd one,without them its pretty much nothing besides jacks desire to take over the seas,there chemistry moves me and u should definetly keep them in it because they just had a baby didnt they?
posted by BrittSierra on Jul 22, 2008
you really shouldnt take out orlando bloom and keira knightley out...they are awesome...plz dont...orlando is sooo hott...and you def cant make the movie without him! and they just had a baby...and you shouldnt end it with just that! wat happens? hmm? ppl are starting to wonder..i am...thats for if you do make a 4th...p;z make sure you keep orlando and keira in the movie ok? plz! we do love jhonny depp and all...but it would be a really weird movie to just have him and barbossa...eww..i dont think i would even watch yeah! PLZ KEEP ORLANDO AND KEIRA IN THE MOVIE!
posted by i love love love orl on Jul 21, 2008
please dont tell me that u are going to take will and elizibeth out. u cant they r amazing and wonderful. and y would u take them out they juat had a baby seriouly. i totaly wont see that movie if will and elizibeth arent in it. i want the movie to have romance and will and elizibeth are perfet at that. jack sicks at tring to be all sweet to girls. i love orlando so much that u have to put him in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i also love elizibeth so much that she has to be in the movie too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Tracy on Jul 17, 2008
I would like to see a 4th as well. BUT The story line that P3 ended on with Liz and child waiting for Will MUST BE rapped up. It would be stupid to end it any other way. Have the Jack/Barbossa thing, yes. Add some Sci-Fi getting to the fountain of youth yes, BUT end it with Will and Liz reuniting, Jack getting back the Pearl OR becoming Capt. of the Flying Dutchman OR even Barbossa becoming Capt. of Dutchman. But DO NOT end it on some sci-fi note moving in an opposite direction!
posted by Debexec on Jul 17, 2008
I love all of the characters. But let us not forget Barbosa, he lends a nice touch of uncertainty. Besides, he is still concerned about returning to the creature he was in the first Pirates.
posted by deppfan on Jul 15, 2008
I really hope they have a fourth I am completely obsessed and have an adiction that I want more. They can't end it with Jack not havin the Pearl!!
posted by DeppObsession<33 on Jul 12, 2008
I REALLY hope this is true and not a hoax. A movie based SOLEY on my FAVORITE pirate would make my year!!! XD
posted by Jasmine on Jul 08, 2008
I wish that there are more than 4 films and I like watching Jack, Will and Elizabeth in the films, but I like most watching Johnny and I really love him. I wish that you all come and rehearsil your film in
posted by jenconstant on Jul 04, 2008
i really hope keira and orlando are in the 4th.. you can't have a pirates without the love story between the two off-setting all of the violent fight scenes and the special effects. there has to be that realistic story line. i love johnny, dont get me wrong, but there has to be a certain amount of focus on them... some how orlando gets out of being davy jones and is with keira??
posted by Sabrina on Jun 29, 2008
i really hope there will be a 4th one. i really love the films and i totaly love jack sparrow
posted by adfadfsddjz on Jun 27, 2008
Woot a 4th! I hope Jack gets turner!
posted by lovablebabe on Jun 27, 2008
i hope there's part four..all three have to be there and william and elizabeth turner better be together.!!!!
posted by Goldee on Jun 22, 2008
I hope that they will make a forth Pirates! and i really want Johnny, keira and Orlando in it they are all great

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