Requested to Shave Head, Dakota Fanning Quits 'Keeper' Only to Be Replaced by TV Star

February 13, 2008 09:08:26 GMT

The celebrated child actress is said to be replaced by 'Medium' star Sofia Vassilieva as she quits from 'My Sister's Keeper' reportedly due to shaving head request.

Dakota Fanning
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Renowned young actress Dakota Fanning, who recently quit from New Line Cinema's upcoming drama project "My Sister's Keeper", may be replaced by Sofia Vassilieva. According to Variety, the co-star of Sean Penn in "I Am Sam" checked out from the project since she was requested to shave her head for the role.

Further, it was explained that Vassilieva who is expected to replace the 13-year-old movie star is in final talks with the studio. If indeed joining the cast, the "Medium" actress would fill in Fanning's role as Kate, a young girl fighting leukemia through the help of her little sister.

"Keeper" originally has set the Fanning sisters to play the leading characters, but following the quiting of Dakota, her little sister, Elle Fanning, also ditched the film directed by Nick Cassavetes. Fortunately, the studio have found a suitable substitute for the vacant role, the star of "Little Miss Sunshine" Abigail Breslin.

Adapted from Jodi Picoult's novel, "Keeper" tells the story about 13-year-old Anna who is starting to question who she is. As a product of a preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Anna is always defined by her sick sister as she was conceived to be her sister's bone marrow transplanter. The film also starred by Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin, who both have been set to play the parents of the sisters.

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posted by :) on Jan 17, 2010
Yoou can't really blame her. It's quite a big deal to shave your head. I don't think I'd do it.
posted by Christa on Dec 13, 2009
"The film also starred by Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin, who both have been set to play the parents of the sisters." Alec Baldwin played Attorney Campbell Alexander.
posted by ALL on Nov 09, 2009
SO glad Sofia filled in... I have a feeling Dakota wouldn't have done a very good job, and she looks so young!I loved Sofia in this movie!
posted by justchillin on Jun 11, 2009
some actress...i thought she would be the kind of girl that would do anything for her work. guess i was wrong

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