Brian O'Conner and Dom Toretto Back for 'The Fast and the Furious 4'

Brian O'Conner and Dom Toretto Back for 'The Fast and the Furious 4'

The key cast of 'The Fast and the Furious', Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, are definitely going to once again reprise their role in the fourth installment of the street car racing action film's franchise

The two key cast of "The Fast and the Furious", Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, are coming back on the fourth installment of Universal Pictures' street car racing film. In an interview with MTV News, Diesel confirmed the rumors stating that he and Walker are reprising their role in "Untitled Fast and the Furious Sequel".

On the chance of Walker going back as Brian O'Conner, the star of "The Pacifier" said, "Gotta have Paul Walker." Meanwhile, on him being back as Dominic Toretto, he reasoned, "I think doing the cameo in 'Tokyo Drift' confirmed a lot of things for me. It confirmed that if you create a role that the world kind of identifies with, or the world adopts, sometimes you have that responsibility to revisit that role. I'm a little bit slower than the average actor that just jumps into the sequel, but I think the time has come to revisit Dom Toretto."

Directed by "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" Justin Lin, the fourth film follows the fresh from jail O'Conner as he tries to help the federal agents to catch Braga, a heroin importer, by joining the criminal's team. Neal H. Moritz will be back as the producer, but this time he will be accompanied by Diesel. The film is slated for release on June 5, 2009.




    Learn to spell
    Mar 05, 2011

    I think people need to learn proper ENGLISH.

    Oct 24, 2009

    eeeeeeeeeee brian pasame tu messenger por fa chauuuuu

    Jun 09, 2009

    I like the fast and the furious franchise collection...Especially to vin,paul,jordana,and michelle...GOOD LUCK FOR THE NEXT MOVIE...

    Apr 23, 2009

    Vin Diesel is a man that u should be miss with!!

    miss boricua
    Apr 14, 2009

    i love dis movie and they are very good actor ma favorite. they 2 gud to explain. they should never stop acting and keep it gud and going wit the movies lik fast and furious

    Feb 12, 2009

    i know i agree 100 percent. both are really good actors, good ppl and overall nice guys in real life. these are ppl to look up to as role models

    Nov 02, 2008

    I so cant wait for this movie to come out its goin to be so good along wit all the other ones. But then again any movie with paul walker n vin diesel in it is going to be a good movie they r one of the best 2 actors out there.

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