John Rich Going Solo While Big Kenny Recovering

January 26, 2008 03:06:11 GMT

John Rich has asked his singing partner in Big & Rich, Big Kenny who is recovering from his injury, a permission to release a solo album.

John Rich
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John Rich, one part of country duo Big & Rich, is taking sometime off from the band to record a solo album. Details on the album are still scarce but it is known that a lead single is scheduled for a Summer release.

Apparently, Rich decided to keep the creative juice flowing while his singing partner, Big Kenny is recovering from his injury that resulted from a car accident few years ago. "If anyone knows me, they know I'm always writing music," said the singer who is also assisting Jessica Simpson and Jewel Kilcher on their first country albums.

He added, "When we decided to take this year off so Kenny could focus on rehabilitation for a pre-existing injury, I asked Kenny if he was cool with me recording a solo project. I would only do this with Kenny's blessing. So, this year you can expect a solo record from me, but Big & Rich will be back in 2009!"

There is still no title or release date for the Warner Bros Nashville album.


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posted by darikrox on Jun 02, 2009
good thing there gettin back together i need to get tickits to one of there concerts
posted by gay simmons on Apr 23, 2009
best to kenny...hurry back. is there an update? saw them twice, twice the fun!
posted by on Apr 18, 2009
my husband and I really like John & Kenny we met them in Palm Springs and my husband was on the flight with Kenny the next day when Kenny and Cowboy Troy were flying home, they had a lot fun at the airport. We miss Kenny and hope he recovers fast so we can see them both on tour again. Best of everything to both of you.
posted by Lisa on Nov 15, 2008
I Hope all goes well with Kenny and i would like to know when johns album comes out i got his first one and if you dont have it you need to get it!!!
posted by Jordan Parker on Aug 11, 2008
well i argee with John Richthat a good idea with big kenny blessing he would be so very happy i pray for him to get better
posted by Jordan Parker on Aug 05, 2008
Big kenny is so lucking hisis't broke he be a livei want them to get backin 2009
posted by Jordan Parker on Aug 05, 2008
Big and rich i want Big kenny and john rich i hope every think be all right for Big Kenny i want thembe back in 2009

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