My Chemical Romance Switch Back to Punk Rock in New Album

January 24, 2008 05:05:54 GMT

My Chemical Romance miss being a rock band and for that they decided to pick the sound for the new album.

My Chemical Romance Switch Back to Punk Rock in New Album
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After the theatrical 'The Black Parade', My Chemical Romance said that they will be back to their old sound because they missed "being a rock band". The band are set to release a new album this year and revealed that they have it channeled towards "punk rock" direction.

In an interview with, frontman Gerard Way said that the album which would be their fourth, will be "stripped down" but won't rule out "crazy ideas on the next albums or do something even crazier". The band had played a new material since November last year but won't give it a name yet for fear that "kids get pissed off" when the title is eventually changed.

Speaking of the 'New Song', Way described it, "It's letting somebody know something and its knowing that yourself and it's a great thing to know. And it's a completely different direction thematically than what we're used to. We have stuff with a lot of hope in it but not like that. It's written from a different kind of place. It's not written from a place of skepticism at all."

Despite switching to punk rock, Way refused to call it a step back because they are "better musicians for having written and played 'The Black Parade'."


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posted by ChEmO_zer on Jan 29, 2009
Alhamdulillah.. Thx god.. Finally, they come back!! I really like my chemical romance!!! I can't be patient to waiting the next album!! They're gonna punk us!!!
posted by casper on Nov 25, 2008
gerard is awsome i can't wait intill the album is out. cuz i love my chemical romance xxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by i_support_frankie!! on Oct 09, 2008
thank god they are going bak 2 there old ways i am a huge fan but disliked 'the black parade' as it went too mainstream and attracted 'supposed' cough* fans-sorry for being judgemental but u dont really have any fans of their older albums these days... (still (L) them)
posted by MargareT on Jul 07, 2008
Oh gee! It's really awesome album... When next album. I'm waiting this? I love my chemical romance always! ! !

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