More Details on Usher's Father's Death

January 22, 2008 02:26:09 GMT

Usher's father, Usher Terry Raymond III, passed away at an Atlanta hospital on Friday, January 18 and a funeral is set to take place this week at the Taylor funeral home chapel in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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Report on the death of Usher's father has been made public just yesterday, and here comes an official confirmation from the R&B star's representative about the unfortunate.

Usher's father, named Usher Terry Raymond III, passed away at an Atlanta hospital on Friday, January 18, a representative for Usher confirmed to People, adding that the cause of death was not immediately known.

While Usher himself has not yet available for comment, it's been confirmed that a funeral has been set to take place this week at the Taylor funeral home chapel in Chattanooga, Tenn. who was the first to report the bad news, said that Usher, wife Tameka Foster, and his mother Jonetta Patton were all at Usher Terry Raymond III's bedside by the time he passed away.

Patton and Usher Terry Raymond III split shortly after Usher was born. Usher's father was reported to struggle with a long-running addiction to crack cocaine, but managed to keep in touch with the singer throughout his personal troubles.


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posted by awesome on Sep 19, 2012
hi usher!!!! yoou are sooooo awesome and i love you!!!
posted by megg123 on Aug 17, 2012
I am so sorry usher this must be very hard for you but just think about it this way all things in life happen for a reason I love you usher
posted by Lisa on Aug 29, 2010
Ncah i nva knew dat Usher's dad passed awae n sory bwt dat ma lv hpe u gt ova it and ure fine and i knw hw it flz 2 lose sm1 u lv...u dvrcd tameka nw its tym 4 us 2 gt merried
posted by Lilmoma42 on Jun 13, 2010
Usher death is always hard but god had a greater need 4 him. I wish u and your family my condolenses. God bless
posted by unknow on Apr 19, 2010
I am so sorry for your lost I will be sad if my dad die as sonn I hrad about it I look it up and I cryed and cryed I am sorry god be with u and be carefull
posted by alisha on Apr 19, 2010
I am sorry for your lost usher god be whit u have a happy life
posted by dtv on Jan 24, 2010
usher am sorry for your father and i hope you okey.
posted by Kiana F babii on Dec 04, 2009
Sorry To hear this about you father usher This is a very sad thing to hear about i know how it feels when someone dies that you are very clse to if you say u dnt love your dad because he has made bad choosies and the past forgive him.. we all know you love your da deep down in your heart sorry to hear about this r.i.p usher terry Love All And Everyone Because Im AN uSHER fAN and Im Your Fan..:) Kiana F bABii
posted by alEXaNDRIA F bURR! on Dec 04, 2009
i Did Not KNow Ushers Father Died Im Very Sorry To Hear That I kNOW How It Feels When Someone Dies That You Are Very Close To If Yu Say And Act Like Yu Dnt Like Ur Dad D33p Inside Yu Love HiM!!!I hOPE yU aRE jUST tHinKING aBoUT uR lITTLE bOy And Yur Mother And Other Family Members!!! (Sadly R.i.p. Usher Terry )
posted by kristin on Apr 03, 2009
im ushers cousin kristin from the aug my great aunt married his grandfather and her name was Alberta flanagan
posted by cubinbaby on Apr 01, 2009
man i hope all things r well for you i am only 17 and will be 18 nov.21 and i just lost my mom dad n a older brother so i know how it feels to loose a dad but i hope all is well you can make it....!!
posted by Bones on Dec 21, 2008
I stell don't know but my family claims Usher is our cousin because my cousin is named Terry Raymond and he had like 12 kids and Usher was one of them.Usher do look like me and my cousins from the westside of Chicago.If this is true Usher daddy which was my cusion died back in 1998 over a drug overdose.My family allways talk about when Usher grandmother talk about finding her son dead in his room because of the hard drugs he was doing and what happened was she wokeup and found him dead bleeding to death in his room.My cousin had a lot of wifes and treated them all bad.They say he treated Usher mother so bad she had to move and get away from Chicago.
posted by bootsie61 on Sep 15, 2008
sorry to hear the passing of his dad i never knew he died,my condolences to raymond family;
posted by hajah kabba on Sep 14, 2008
this is a nice pic he looks handsome in this pc i luve u usher!!!
posted by usher on Sep 14, 2008
usher you are so sad

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