Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers Rushed to Hospital

January 07, 2008 03:41:23 GMT

Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers was rushed to the emergency room on Saturday, January 5 after hitting his head backstage at a concert in New Jersey.

Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas
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Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers was rushed to the emergency room Saturday night, January 5 after hitting his head following a show in Atlantic City.

The one third of the Jonas Brothers pop band was taping one of the group's popular YouTube videos following a gig in Atlantic City, New Jersey when he messed around and accidentally hit his forehead on a grate.

Was quickly sent to a nearby hospital, Joe received a few stitches and was released shortly thereafter. "He received a few stitches and is doing great," the band's Hollywood Records representative Lillian Matulic said in a statement.

The incident, nevertheless, won't cause Joe and the rest members of the band to miss any tour dates. "Their next show is tomorrow night and he will be performing as usual," Lillian added.

In other Joe news, the teenage pop star has been reported to be dating pop starlet JoJo after photos of them getting together surfaced on the Internet. No confirmation nor denial from both of them though.


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posted by Joseph Adam Jonas on Jan 06, 2010
Hi I'am Really Joe Jonas. And I want to thank every fan that Loves use and we love you well it is time for the show in New York by
posted by Jonas Jonas Jonas on Jan 06, 2010
I love Joe Nick Kevin. Kevin is the hottest. Then Joe then Nick But nick is pretty HOT
posted by joe jonas on Dec 26, 2009
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posted by Tortola98 on Sep 03, 2009
Oh My God , Joe Are You OK
posted by Vuyelwa funani on Aug 26, 2009
I love you guys and iwanted to know when you a com to south africa can you plez cal me on dis number 0832596713 its my moms number
posted by joe jonas on Aug 20, 2009
I Love joe jonas
posted by Rhianna on Jun 11, 2009
i am soo sorry i feel soo bad my brother did the sam thing o cant what tell u com to tn i am going to go
posted by alex on Jan 12, 2009
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posted by karla on Jan 10, 2009
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posted by sarah on Dec 26, 2008
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posted by sarah nov 29 2008 on Nov 29, 2008
I love you joe jonas we are fun with me and fun andfun with me
posted by nicol on Nov 22, 2008
I LOVE YOU :-***
posted by lexi on Nov 12, 2008
i love you joe you are so hot call me 621-0023
posted by isyed on Oct 27, 2008
eres el mas lindo q pude aver visto en una pelicula de rock
posted by lilly on Oct 26, 2008
hope to see more of you like in movies and stuff joe your a great actor singer and guy.xoxox
posted by Nicole on Oct 26, 2008
Good music good looks good guy how much good is in you love you and finaly love burnin up
posted by lora on Oct 26, 2008
love your music and of course you Joe Jonas/JJ bye hopefuly see you some time bye.
posted by Katelin on Oct 26, 2008
hope you guys can come up with more songs so that i can see more of you love you and your music
posted by jonas_next_wife on Oct 26, 2008
i love you joe you look so cute in long hair hope you dont cut it
posted by WinterLG on Oct 18, 2008
I love Joe Jonus ur the best. I love all of yall so much.oxoxoxoxox
posted by carolina on Oct 12, 2008
posted by larissa on Sep 22, 2008
love love love love love joe lindu te amo
posted by VIVIAN on Sep 13, 2008
posted by CASEY on Sep 13, 2008
posted by Wicked Innocence on Sep 06, 2008
Joseph Adam Jonas i am so facinated by you!! I think you are very talented and will in some way change the world. Hope to meet you in life someday. Stay the same, and do't forget where you come from. Alicia
posted by cool k on Sep 05, 2008
joe Im really sorry but I wish you could come to livermore CA. I really wish you could play one concert I am just A poor kid and this is the smallest town in CA. please come I swear Im poor
posted by kira on Aug 28, 2008
I love you Joe sirously
posted by karla on Aug 27, 2008
joé tu est trés beau et trés séxy je veux te conetre un peu mieu i want talk to you
posted by joeroxsox97 on Aug 24, 2008
Omg im sorry 4 wat happened i luv u ur hot and u rock sox lol i luv u like times infinity
posted by falah on Aug 20, 2008
v awl luv u joe....u re really hawt.....<3...muwahh
posted by gereese on Aug 12, 2008
Joy i love you and your brothers to but you are the best looking one and your brothers are ugly!!! i am so sorry but you are hot!!!!gereese
posted by JAJ_Fanatic08 on Aug 11, 2008
OMG.... I wish i could meet you one day...... your music is the best..... love ya guys!
posted by belkis on Aug 10, 2008
joe me encanta lo amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchisiiiiiimooooooooooooo
posted by Isamar on Aug 09, 2008
joe you are so handsome i hope to meet someone like you.... je t'aime avec tout mon coeur.. et oui je parle francais.... te quiero muchoo eres lo maximo .. tu admiradora isamar from venezuela.... i live in texas...xD
posted by Yohandriz ramires on Aug 08, 2008
i love you joe te amo eres lo maximo
posted by KaRiInA on Jul 25, 2008
I L&#9829;VE JOE JONAS>&#9829;
posted by KaRiInA on Jul 25, 2008
posted by mily olson on Jul 18, 2008
u are so hot i really want to kiss u and i have millons of pitures of u and i know your fav colors purple and blue
posted by I love joe on Jul 17, 2008
posted by Janie on Jul 14, 2008
I love you!
posted by jennifers3 on Jul 10, 2008
im in love with joe jonas he is so sexy i want to hae his number i was crying when i herd that he hurt himself.... i love joe he is mine.
posted by hailey22795 on Jul 10, 2008
i am so sorry about wat happen and i hope u r ok p.s i hope to finally to abile to ur concerts ily.
posted by hailey22795 on Jul 10, 2008
*sorry i ment to say. I would love to finally be abile to go to one of or all of ur concerts.....ILY. and i am so so so sorry about ur head, i hope u feel better. And joe u r sexi.
posted by angeldog0419 on Jul 05, 2008
Joe I Love You How Could This Have Happened I Love YOU I Am So Sorry I Think YOU And Just YOU Are The HOTTEST FUNNIEST CUTIES HOT HOT HOTTY HOTTY LOVE YOU
posted by <3 M on Jun 24, 2008
Joe you are SO HOT I LOVE YOU
posted by penelope on Jun 20, 2008
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