Katie Price Reduced Her Breast Size

December 24, 2007 09:05:42 GMT

Having through four plastic surgery to enhance her breast size to 32FF, the wife of Peter Andre underwent the fifth bob job prosedure to beat gravity.

Katie Price
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Though usually underwent plastic surgery four time to enhance her breast size, Katie Price reportedly went through another surgery to do a breast reduction. The model, who was known as Jordan, was reported by Britain's Daily News to have done the procedure to shrink her 32FF cleavage in Los Angeles.

It was said that the boob job was a Christmas gift from her pop star husband, Peter Andre since he reportedly preferred pictures of his wife when she was a natural 32B. Still, a spokesman for the 29-year-old model said that Price was already thinking about having to do the procedure saying, "Katie was intent on having it done."

Previously in an interview, the former 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' star revealed that she was having the surgery "to beat gravity." At the occasion, she said, "My breasts have gone saggy after three children so I wanted to perk them up and make them smaller."

Though there are no confirmation over Price's breast size after the surgery, it was sure that when the mother of three arrived at Heathrow on December 23, she had underwent a drastic transformation. According to press reports, "Her transformation was so great she was hardly recognizable from her old days. Gone are the peroxide blond hair, the orange fake tan and those famous 32FF boobs, which went under the knife in Los Angeles. She covered her new boobs up with a long grey shawl when she landed in Britain, but it's thought she's had them reduced to a 32D."

Reportedly, the Britain's famous topless model plans to sell her departed implants on eBay to raise money for charity. She reasoned the selling stating, "It's better than them being dumped in a hospital bin."


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posted by kiraldo on Jun 22, 2012
I want to shake her boobs. I like her boobs very much lol :D
posted by F.George on Feb 08, 2012
I'm 16 and i'm a size 30 II and it's really hard to fink my size bra's in store! mine are NATURAL! i hate it!!! (they are really heavy, i get back pains)
posted by Caster on Jan 04, 2012
ok so all the now 15 - 17 year olds saying that they were Fs and G cups at 11-13 first of were you really that young and so big and why does it seem to be a challenge to see if you are bigger than 32D or 32FF depending on what size Jordan is?
posted by sammie on Sep 24, 2011
im 19 and a 36 E last time i checked so i could be andF now but i absolutley love my boobs and im not fat either well im not a super skinny twig either
posted by kamran on May 12, 2011
i like her booooooobs
posted by Julie on Jan 27, 2011
I am 18 and have 36JJ and am only 4'10
posted by Anonymous on Dec 07, 2010
I think everyone looks fine with their natural boobs. Anything else just makes theirself and their personalities fake
posted by caitlin on Nov 21, 2010
Really Like All Thee 11 Year Olds Who Think Ther Mawd Stop Fukin Lieing About The Size Of Your Boobs, You Wouldnt Be Boosting About Them If Ther As Big As You Say They Are Youd Be In Agony With Back Pain. Im 15 And Aa 34F And So Not Proud As Soon As People Look At Me Thats All They See. I Have Took So Much Abuse From Men Its Started To Really Get Me Down Not To Mention The Pain.. Also Does No1 Ever Find That People Think Ther Fat If Your Have Aa Small Body Frame With Aa Big Chest. Im Aa Size 8 And No1 Believess Me When tHEY lOOK aT mE And Being Only 5ft 2inc Doesnt Help.. Seriously The Kids That Think Its Amazing To Have Large Breasts Get Aa LIFE!!!!!!!!
posted by lauren lovebites on Nov 04, 2010
im 16 and i have 34f =[
posted by lou on Oct 01, 2010
im 12 and im in a 34 D is that bad well i dont cear all the boys like them so i do to all the boys have felt them and every other girl is jelouis n all the boys have sucked them
posted by lou on Oct 01, 2010
me boobs are big im in a 32 BB is that bad x
posted by Ebony on Sep 17, 2010
OMG i have natural breats i'm 12 and i'm a 36D imagine when i'm her age.....
posted by ......xxxxxxx on Sep 07, 2010
Now i am not a 34a i am now a 34b
posted by Bugzy babez on Aug 29, 2010
I'm a 32A and I'm 10. I wear balcony bras from the adult bra section.
posted by ......xxxxxxx on Aug 29, 2010
im a 34A and i am only 10
posted by ken on Aug 23, 2010
I love big boobs
posted by brookie on Aug 12, 2010
i am a 36c and i am 12 and 4ft 6inches really small i hate my big boobs i get eased in my high school.
posted by Mwahh on Aug 08, 2010
Im 16 and currentley wearing 36e i don't think it matters what size you are as long as you are happy with them and don't have a problem with your size everyone is different.
posted by blaaah. on Jun 19, 2010
honestly shut up. boobs arent everything, you may get attention, but you most probably wont be picked out for personality. you are lying about 34GG boobs at 13. im 16 + im 34 B, fucking proud.
posted by Nattalliieee <3 on May 31, 2010
I've always had boobs bigger than my class mates at the ave of 12 I was the first I wad the first in the year, I'm now 17 and I hate them. They cause menothing but pain and agony, it's so hard to find a nice bra, ne that actually fits I'm a 32g going on gg I haven't stopped growing yet although it's decreased in development quote a bit lately but still going strong! It's d hard to find a bra or clothes that fit because I'm a size 10 in everything other than boobs they measure a size 18 rougly. You 13 year d you claim to have bog breast don't be so reficulous I dobro ow anyone at that Age or knew off at the age who had more than a size D! And I wouldn't be glotting eiter they may get you attention Wichita is a plus but everything else Is a strong negative. All guys see when they look at me is bog ass tiny waist abd bigg boobs nothin but a pyece a meat and what they think about me... They put me in the slag catogary and then they are shocked to find out I'm not easy and still a virgin.You younger girls dont know the half of it
posted by Amy on May 25, 2010
I'm 13 and have 36mmm boobs. I'm getting a reduction next week. YAY!
posted by alex on May 06, 2010
just a simple fact. if you are smaller round e.g. 28,30 or 32 then you are bigger on the cup size
posted by ellie on May 06, 2010
i havent got back ache yet but i'm quite big.when my friends try and gess what size i am they gess dd and then i agree even though i'm not telling the truth. they still dont think i am as big as that even though i am bigger. i think people get the wrong idea about breast size. i am nearly 14 and i am supposed to be size 28gg except the problem is apparently they dont go up to that size so i have to wear a 30g.
posted by sexy girl on May 02, 2010
im 19 n i av bigger boobs than jordans fake ass tits, i went up in total six bra sizes when i got measured hw rediculous. iv thought about having surgery when im older but would never sit the op.
posted by Emmiee on Apr 24, 2010
No offence Yeah But i am 15 and have always had big boobs and i hate them, they attract so much attention it really annoys me
posted by beth on Apr 09, 2010
all these lasses boasting about how big there boobs are, its stupid! if they really had them size boobs then they'd be complainging because of the pain!
posted by scouser on Apr 07, 2010
my bird is a natural 30f an the sex is unreal! with my 10" shes always on top so i get full on tits in my face lol but she is always complaining about her back pains.
posted by dddd on Apr 06, 2010
I am 16 and so is my girlfriend and she is 32dd -sex sure is fun !!! but i think unless you are depressed that much fake tits arnt cool - hers are real but ilove her anyway
posted by Ollie on Mar 08, 2010
why is this chat full of 11 year old girl saying they have bigger boobs than jordan? no one has, she is L cup! she lies so people dont go so crazy xD
posted by Caggie on Feb 18, 2010
Im 21 and a 34F, but am only 5'6'' so they are quite prominent! x
posted by x on Feb 09, 2010
12 and u are 34G!!!! wow......
posted by Ran on Feb 04, 2010
I'm 12 and 34G. :)
posted by Tay on Jan 26, 2010
i am 17 aqnd just been mesured as a 34 HH .. i love the attention but HATE the back aches. my right one is called candy and the left is called floss!!!! some thimes during sexual incourse they get in the way but i still love them !x
posted by alexis on Jan 03, 2010
I am 15 and according to an online bra size converter im (in British sizes) 32F (which in Aust size is 10E). I'm told they'll grow bigger, and if they do, when I'm older I will definitiley have reduction surgery, especially if I turn out like my mother!
posted by saphron on Nov 25, 2009
im 15 and im 38GG beat that!!! n there all natural ;) xx
posted by =) on Nov 25, 2009
Im 16 and 34E its not al ways fun.. like gettin nice fitting clothes. But the attentions good ;)
posted by Charlotte on Nov 23, 2009
LOL. Having boobs the size of mountains isn't anything to be proud of, you know, unless of course you want to look like a man in drag.
posted by annie on Nov 21, 2009
haha all you people saying your 38d and stuff.. do u no how fat u would have to b to have a 38 waist!! and you probeblly wouldnt even have boobs at the age of 11 so keep on dreamingg!
posted by boobies on Nov 17, 2009
posted by Carrie on Oct 29, 2009
I'm a 32FF; apparantly same as her. This must either be incorrect information, or she's wearing breast enhancers, 'cause she looks double my size tbh.
posted by Kiya on Oct 17, 2009
I'm 13 and im a 38F (: x
posted by lozz on Sep 18, 2009
omg im 17 and am to sizes bigger than her lol
posted by Luuc on Sep 04, 2009
Why do girls want bigger boobs! We all know there fake, most men i know dont even like fake boobs! I have bigger boobs than jordan and in all honesty its not as fun as she makes it out to be. Shes a camera Whore and puts it on.
posted by 34DD on Aug 27, 2009
hi im a fan of katie and i think its better that she had a reduction because shes finally happy with them it looks like and she looks more real i know she isnt but they look more real and that counts
posted by ..... on Aug 13, 2009
Because people think its kool to say that there breasts sizes are so big and they want attention
posted by Lisa_lou on Aug 04, 2009
Why are people such bullshitters about there size? im a 32g at 16 and to be perfectly honest i hate it, I dislike the attention and stigma that comes with it,,, so hey 11 and bigger tits then jordan,, good luck with the backache love :L
posted by k - Infield on Jun 21, 2009
Im sorry but that is just wrong what u just sed!
posted by MARiiA on Jun 10, 2009
Well guess what i think you lot that r sayin you are 13 nd that are stupid saying you are rediculous sizes you dont mature that much god. whats the point in lieing about your size.. and you do no the size 38 or higher what ever isnt your boobs its your waist sooo.. hmm thats all ive gta say
posted by princess on Jun 09, 2009
omg is she really a 32ff i,m only 19 n i,m a 38d theres no way mine r bigger than hers omg
posted by Lucy on Jun 04, 2009
Some of the sizes people are saying they are sound rediculas. i got mesured to day and i am a 30G i am a big size 8-10 built and i wa shocked. i wa totaly in the rong size as i wa wearing a 34f i wa well ashamed lol.x
posted by ELLY on May 28, 2009
posted by ELLY on May 28, 2009
posted by ELLY on May 28, 2009
to me i think her boobs look bigger the a 32d but i think its because she has such a same body frame which is about a size 4/6 uk. im a 32dd and my boobs look smaller then hers because i have a body frame of 10/12!!
posted by natt on May 23, 2009
ohh im only 13 and i have bigger boobs than her i am 34FF i hate having big boobs but all the boys want me to flash for them and things but i am a bit chubby so iwont, i am only 4ft7 and when i am 16 im allowed to havesurgery to go to a 32BB x
posted by Oli on May 22, 2009
I'm a bra fitter... trust me, I would eat my own arm if she was a 32FF! Back size looks at your rib cage size (as Meesh said), so to be a 32 back she would need to be a size 12/14 (ignoring the added stretch of her boobs), Jordan is so damn small that for her to have a 32 back is near impossible. Cup size is so poorly shown in the media, her boobs are spilling out everywhere because the cups too small. Get yourself properly fitted by Debenhams, Bravissimo, Rigbey&Pellar... NOT M&S! And you'll soon see how ridiculous that size is! x
posted by geeky on May 13, 2009
OMG her boobylooms are fantastic now i`ve got bigger ones then her,
posted by Meesh on May 11, 2009
To be fair, you're all talking about how you've got bigger boobs, but you're all probably bigger than Jordon. I mean, 34+ rib sizes, you've got pretty big ribs. I'm a 28H, i'm 15, although i'm a chubby girl, my ribs are tiny and therefore, boobs look weird. But it is a shame she got them reduced, however its better now before they get real saggy.
posted by kayleigh on Apr 19, 2009
iam only 15 and my boobs are a 34g, but im thinking about gettin a boob reduction becos they are too big of size for my body .
posted by booobs on Mar 29, 2009
omg im 13 and my boobs are bigger im a 32f :S.x
posted by Anonymous on Feb 19, 2009
Its really weird Now thats shes had a boob reduction cos im 15 n my boobs are bigger than hers shes a 32D im a 38G! :D
posted by Anonymous on Jan 31, 2009
Is it weird that I have bigger breasts than her and I'm 11? O.o
posted by Anonymous on Jan 31, 2009
Is it weird that I have bigger breasts than her and I'm 11? O.o
posted by boxer1 on Dec 31, 2008
a sad day for boob lovers I'm gonna shed a tear, we loved you for all of you !!!
posted by Kuki on Dec 25, 2008
i have a DD :/ im only 15 >.<
posted by ay ay on Nov 12, 2008
im 13 and i got bigger boobs than jordan mine are 36D! and shes got 32D!
posted by Ruth on Jul 06, 2008
Your boobs are a nice size, but I think they should be bigger! So then Peter can squeeze them real tight
posted by Ruth on Jul 06, 2008
If they were bigger then when you and Peter are having sex he can squeeze them really tight and also suck them!
posted by Ruthy on Jul 06, 2008
He can suck them sooooooooooo hard that baby milk comes out! (Princess's milk) He will l;ike it alot!!!!!!!!

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