Amy Winehouse Has Vowed to Kill Herself

December 18, 2007 06:11:46 GMT

Amy Winehouse has vowed to kill herself should she is parted from husband Blake by a lengthy jail sentence.

Amy Winehouse
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Amidst report she'll be questioned by police in relation to charges against her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, who is set to enter a plea January next year for perverting the course of justice, Amy Winehouse sparks another concern due to her suicide pact with Blake.

Rumors on the street say the "Rehab" singer has vowed to kill herself should she is parted from Blake by a lengthy jail sentence.

"Amy has had her problems but she is really teetering on the brink," so said a source. "She can't live without Blake and her family are worried sick. This could finish her off. She isn't strong enough for prison life."

Blake was arrested for allegedly planning to pay James King, a victim in an alleged assault case involving him back in June, to change the story he should submit to the police. Investigating police are said to have come to believe that Winehouse is somehow involved in her husband's scheme taking into account that she's the big earner in the couple's marriage.

"As soon as the figure of 200,000 pound sterling emerged, the finger of suspicion started to point in her direction. How could Blake, who is not wealthy, be expected to come up with that kind of money? Police want to see where Amy's money goes to. They will account for every penny," another source revealed.

If found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice Winehouse could face life in prison just like Blake whose grievous bodily harm (GBH) and perverting justice charges carrying maximum sentence of life in prison.


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posted by Hector on Nov 11, 2010
This talentless scum should definitely be removed from the human genepool before she (or it) procreates with one
posted by Adolf on Nov 05, 2008
I hope the ugly overrated scrawny bag of bones does kill herself - but in all likelyhood her less than savoury antics are a calculated manipulation of her edgy image (No publicity is bad publicity?) and her talent for self promotion is greater than her singing, which to me sounds like she's got a foghorn for a mouth.

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