Timbaland Revealed New Song by Madonna, '4 Minutes to Save the World'


Timbaland was so generous to the audience in Philadelphia that he played a new song by Madonna called '4 Minutes to Save the World'.

The anticipation is running high for Madonna's next studio album that one by one, rumored singles have been leaked. The latest one is previewed rather than leaked by one of the album's producers, Timbaland.

Tim was performing at Jingle Ball Christmas concert in Philadelphia on Sunday, December 16 when he played a song called '4 Minutes to Save the World' which is rumored to be the first single from Madonna's new album. The song is featuring Justin Timberlake and a fan happened to record it although the audio quality is poor.

Two other tracks from the album have been leaked earlier, titled 'Candy Shop' and 'The Beat Goes On', but Madonna is yet to confirm all of them. She also denied that the new album will be called 'Licorice' and released in April 2008, which was spurted by DJ Larry Lick on his radio show earlier this month.

The pop singer who will be inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, also tapped Kanye West and Pharrell Williams in the album. The latter said that the album will make "speakers bleed".

Preview of '4 Minutes to Save the World':

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    jessica toombs ugly
    Feb 22, 2010

    let me see the lyrics of madonna or else you will die and i will come after you like the boogie man so watch out.

    Jul 14, 2009

    cool song

    Dec 17, 2007

    wow, that was just not what I was expecting...not very good at all...4 minutes to what? and how are they going to save the world? Not feeling the beat either. But I'm excited to hear what else Madonna's got, her last CD was off the hoooook.

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