The Midway State to Release Studio Debut in April 2008

The Midway State to Release Studio Debut in April 2008

Piano-driven rock band The Midway State are set to launch their career in music with debut CD 'Met a man on Top the Hill' next year.

Successfully backing DAUGHTRY, Lifehouse and many others in live shows, The Midway State came up with a 4-songs EP containing their famous blend of rock, soulful voice and piano tingles while preparing for their full-length debut release for an April 2008 release.

The four-piece band uniquely employ guitar-driven rock in EP 'Met a Man on Top of the Hill' which was released via their label Interscope back in June. Catchy melody and hooks were easily noticed in the song 'A Million Fireflies' that, despite its fairy-like title, has the ruggedness of guitar picking, making it one which stands out.

The EP also boast the more romantic pieces like 'Change for You' and 'Nobody Understands' which lyrics switch between a powerful figure's perspective to his object of manipulation. "It could be anything," vocalist Nathan Ferraro, 21, said. "Like the Devil, or someone just pushing stuff on you. I really want to write on a human level that everyone can relate to and just be honest."

Embarking from Ontario, Canada, The Midway State's members started off the band while still teens and kept the spirits burning until they were taken under Interscope/Remedy Music wings. While still a schoolboy, Ferraro met drummer Daenen Bramberger and jumped in a van that took them to gigs across Canada. "We played everywhere, from Cape Breton to all the way to Vancouver, just booking our own gigs," Ferraro recalled. "We would play in living rooms, in bars. We played with hardcore bands, emo-bands-we were always first of five bands at the all-ages show."

Adding two more members, guitarist Michael Wise and bassist Michael Kirsch in 2002, the band officially launched themselves to wider exposure.

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