Robbie Williams, Arctic Monkeys Support Banning of Ticket Re-Sale

December 05, 2007 10:01:13 GMT

Robbie Williams, KT Tunstall, Arctic Monkeys have joined forces with other musicians to ban Internet touts from re-selling tickets at higher price.

Robbie Williams
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Robbie Williams, Arctic Monkeys and the music act that introduced a new way to release an album this year, Radiohead, are among many people in music industry to prevent scalpers from re-selling concert tickets in higher price.

This campaign would be the starting movement of banning fans who re-sell tickets on websites that have caused the revenue to reach an estimated 200 million pounds from re-sale only.

Thus, the musicians are proposing the creation of Resale Rights Society that will enable them to collect some percentage from each ticket that was sold on e-Bay or other similar sites or charge the sellers a levy. This movement reportedly have garnered protests from the critics who say that it would be "unfair".

Other music acts in support of this motion are The Verve and KT Tunstall, not including some unnamed people behind the industry.

Internet touts have been known to snap in-demands gig tickets at large amount before putting it up for auction on e-Bay which usually draw a price double or even triple the original.

Marc Marot, of the Resale Rights Society, said, "It is unacceptable that not a penny of the estimated £200 million ($400 million) in transactions generated by the resale of concert tickets in the U.K. is returned to investors in the live music industry."

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