Lindsay Lohan to Record With 50 Cent?

Lindsay Lohan to Record With 50 Cent?

Lindsay Lohan's father spilled that she is in talks with the rapper for a joint project.

Among her glitzy and much exposed personal life, Lindsay Lohan has to spare a time slot for her third album. The former child actress is reportedly under pressure from her label, Universal Music Group, to finish the album which is part of the contract.

"She is only recording another album because of a contractual obligation to Universal," a source told the New York Post. However, there has been reports too that Lohan's passion is what drives her to the studio.

The new LP was originally scheduled for December 2006 but due to her DUI conviction and other problems, the release date has been postponed.

The album is tentatively titled 'Nobody's Angel' and words have it that 50 Cent will be featured in it. Lohan's father Michael revealed to Life & Style magazine, "They're talking about working together. Nothing's firm yet, but they're in talks."

Although it seems an odd collaboration, Michael confirmed that both of them have been acquainted for some time. "They've actually known each other for a while, just from being in the business together and crossing paths at events," he added.



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