More Viral Websites for The Dark Knight

November 26, 2007 03:21:47 GMT

Among them are GothamPolice.com and RememberingGina.org.

More Viral Websites for The Dark Knight
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Apparently there's more to find on the new viral website for "The Dark Knight", The Gotham Times. It turns out that the some of the articles within the paper itself contain links to other new websites, four in total so far apart from Wearetheanswer.org. and TheHaHaTimes.com.

Check out the sites:

  • GothamPolice.com : The website for the Gotham Police Department where you can apply for recruitment.
  • GothamNationalBank.com : The website for Gotham National Bank, which provides info on the ATM locations around Gotham also on fraud prevention.
  • RememberingGina.org : A memorial website for Gina Tortericci who was killed due to gang violence in Gotham City. Her death was featured on "Gang War Claims Girl", an article found on page 4 of The Gotham Times.
  • GothamCityRail.com : The website for Gotham City's mass transit system which also contains city rail map.
In the meantime, take time to dial the phone number of 1-866-237-6480 posted on the left corner of The Gotham Times and leave a message there. Or send e-mails to either LetterstotheEditor@TheGothamTimes.com or Stories@RememberinggGina.org.

In addition, the Joker's site WhySoSerious.com has been updated with a 14-question survey that will rank you from "Mime" to "A Scream" on Joker's personality scale and it is presumed that it has something to do with joining Joker's army. Go to the link above to join the survey.

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