New Batch of The Mist Stills Arrives

November 14, 2007 08:11:40 GMT

Get more shots on Marcia Gay Harden as the outspoken Mrs. Carmody.

New Batch of The Mist Stills Arrives
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More than one month has passed since we saw the last production photos for "The Mist" on the net, but need not sulking anymore, folks, a new series of stills from the movie has just been posted on-line by now, thanks to Filmz.ru.

While the previous batch centered more on Thomas Jane in his role as David Drayton, this one, on the other hand, mostly presents Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody, an outspoken member of the trapped group who causes its division.

There's also a close shot on Jane's Drayton though, as well as his picture with Harden's Carmody and other people in the supermarket. One photo, in the meantime, captures a terrified expression from a man with another creepily getting wrapped like a spider's prey.

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