Queen Latifah Surprised Girlfriend with a Brand New Range Rover

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah treated her girlfriend with a big present, a brand new Range Rover.

Was in her greatest giving mood, Queen Latifah gave her same-sex partner the greatest present of all, a brand new Range Rover.

The rapper-actress had the vehicle delivered to New York restaurant Philippe where she and her girlfriend were enjoying lunch.

A source in the know was quoted by the New York Post newspaper as saying, "They had been having lunch and when they came out the car was parked on the street in front of the restaurant tied up with a big silver bow. Her friend was stunned and so happy. It was really sweet."

Latifah once had a portrayal of a lesbian in the 1996 drama "Set It Off." Off screen, she avoids discussing her romantic life and remains tight-lipped on the much speculation on her sex orientation. However, she responded on the much-talked lesbian rumors in her autobiography by saying: "It's insulting when someone asks, 'Are you gay?' A woman cannot be strong, outspoken, competent at running her own business, handle herself physically, play a very convincing role in a movie, know what she wants, and go for it, without being gay? Come on."

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    Yvonne Collins
    Nov 17, 2010

    Queen Latifah, I think that you are beautiful and I love the way you smile on your pictures you take. You seem intelligent and have alot of talent ahead of you. I am a fan of yours Queen Latifah espeacially seeing you on movies on the television shows.

    Aug 07, 2010

    People that say latifah is 2 pretty 2 b gay, r dumb as f#*k...what the hell does a persons sexuality have 2 do with their look stupid! & all haters out there, mind ur business...ooops...my bad I guess one would have 2 get a freakin life first n order 2 mind their own business...PLAYAAA...hater..

    soljah ro
    Jul 09, 2010

    Her personal life is personal. I really don't give a d@xx long as she's happy. I do believe she can pull a man or women. Please don't hate

    Jul 07, 2010

    She too pretty to b gay ugh

    Jul 02, 2010

    If she like gyrlz let her stop jocking her

    Nov 30, 2009

    its all good !!

    the one
    Nov 17, 2009

    Well I love the queen and I think if she is happy then let her be happy!

    miss Hottie
    Oct 21, 2009

    The Queen name fits her I love her music just gets me going..... congrats to you I always admire you your awesome.... Many happy years with your mate.. you look so beautiful

    Jun 25, 2009


    Aug 02, 2008

    I think that was so romantic. I'm a big fan of Queen Latifah. Not so much of her rapping, but I love her acting and singing. I sing also so I can appreciate a good voice when I hear one.

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