Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Their Special-Issue Magazine

September 26, 2007 07:05:22 GMT

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are everyone's idols and they are coming out with their first magazine ever, called ZANESSA.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Their Special-Issue Magazine
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Already become a household names in the industry, celebrity couple Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are cashing in their fame into yet another project, magazine.

Becoming idols to almost every young people, the editors of Popstar! have created a special-issue magazine dedicated to the couple and their hit TV movie "High School Musical 2," called "ZANESSA: Their Love Story!"

The special-issue magazine is featuring 100+ pictures, including some rare ones, and 21 posters of Zanessa and their HSM cast mates. On top of all, it will also feature "Zanessa's Top 10 Romantic Moments!"

"Zanessa: The Magazine" hits newsstands nationwide on Tuesday October 2nd at $3.99/pop.

Take a look at some of Zanessa shots for the magazine below.


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posted by ermira on Jan 09, 2010
je mam e mira vanesa edhe troi osht shume i mire edhe ki navak qe je e fejuara e ti ma ke marewn vendoin tem ok
posted by YINka on Nov 21, 2009
men oboy i like you die.wo koma ku lobi ma fa e jade you are cool and i love your film high school musical i watched it 198 time
posted by emaia on Oct 10, 2009
look whers zac efrons hand at the title photo
posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on Sep 13, 2009
ella es beatifull asll
posted by miley and vanessa on Sep 03, 2009
Hello we are Miley and Vanessa, we are the biggest fans. love your songs big kiss for Vanessa and zac
posted by minooooooooni on Aug 24, 2009
zac!i love u
posted by HANNA on Aug 24, 2009
hey guys! im a #1 fan of zannesa!zac ur so HOT & vanessa ur so BEAUTY!
posted by gabe on Aug 06, 2009
vanessa's so pretty...i like u so much especially when u r with zac efron
posted by -MISS_FAMOUS on Aug 05, 2009
posted by miška on Jul 24, 2009
vanessa velmi sa hodíš k zakovy
posted by puker on Jul 09, 2009
zac efron it's my idol... :D i'm a boy but he is my exemple .... mu idol heheheh
posted by PukER on Jul 09, 2009
They are beeautifullllllllll :P
posted by Vanelandi on Jun 28, 2009
dming nag sasabi maarte ka!
posted by lara on Jun 28, 2009
over the philipines you are the number one!
posted by cute on Jun 13, 2009
youre the best vanessa.and both with zac youre the best couple
posted by zanessa #1 fan(princ on May 14, 2009
hey gys!!!ZANESSA 4 ever!!!!mwah lab ya!!
posted by ashley on May 08, 2009
hey yall its me ashley since u'll hate me well listen 2 this i'm the 1 who put pics of v nd put them on internet ok happy bitches and assholes
posted by vanessa hudgens ! on May 01, 2009
hi every one my name is vanessa hudgens and i love all my fans love ya vanessa hudgens
posted by moonstar on Mar 31, 2009
vanessa i want that you, with zac must have a new movie so that the audience will be inspired
posted by mr on Mar 02, 2009
i love them i really wish to know them
posted by mr on Mar 02, 2009
they are the best couple on the world
posted by mówie po polsku xd on Feb 18, 2009
Hey :) Hah ~ ja jestem z polski xd fajne foty ;* ;] powiem teraz po angielsku : i Love You Zac and Vanessa ;* hhahaha xd
posted by xxxxxxxxxRaychelle on Feb 17, 2009
You both go really well together i think you are the perfect match
posted by zanessa lover xD on Feb 04, 2009
zanessa for evvahhhh rock on zanessa you all crapy who dont like zanessa
posted by sexygal411 on Feb 04, 2009
hump me
posted by maria on Jan 28, 2009
sa nu va despartiti niciodata te iubesk zac va iubesch
posted by blerta on Jan 22, 2009
hi vanessa you and zac go together......a'm blerta am frome europa.*macedonia
posted by sumka on Jan 22, 2009
oooooooo vanessa you are de beautiful and ashley ......... a love vanessa.........
posted by sihana on Jan 22, 2009
vanessa i love you and zac you are de ashley heheh a love you vanessa kisssssss
posted by linda rowley on Nov 16, 2008
true that people do make mistakes but not like that that was her and she know what she was doin
posted by coco puffs on Nov 16, 2008
how u doin i ate coco puffs 4 breafest
posted by linda rowley on Nov 16, 2008
i agree with sierra and babigurl she dosnt deserve him hes to cute but you got to admit they do look cute togather. but he deserves better let me tell ya
posted by baby v on Sep 29, 2008
i love zac efron and i like vanessa hudgens she is my idol and i dont like ashley so much because she make that zanessa goes to zashley
posted by melissa on Sep 23, 2008
i think zac efron and vanessa hudgens look cute together xx
posted by hello on Sep 03, 2008
esto es algo estaño
posted by lucky her & him on Aug 01, 2008
vanessa and zac a realy good when they act together or when they are together after all i realy like vanes.. song and SIERRA is right vanes.. don't deserve a magazine with her name on it. Not even
posted by hsmlover on Jul 26, 2008
people make mistakes
posted by sierra on Jul 12, 2008
vanessa don't deserve zac after the perverted stuff she did and don't deserve a magazine with her name on it.
posted by babigurl on Oct 08, 2007
She is not a romodel after what she did so stop sayin it!!!

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