New Pathology Trailer Arrives

September 21, 2007 09:08:24 GMT

Watch shots of Milo Ventimiglia as a bright med school student trapped in a deadly game at the titular program.

New Pathology Trailer Arrives
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The time has come for MGM to reveal more glimpses of its upcoming crime thriller "Pathology." The studio has finally brought up a new trailer for the movie on the net via video sharing website YouTube.

Running over two minutes, the trailer, as you can see below, follows Milo Ventimiglia's character Ted Gray as he joins one of the nation's most prestigious Pathology programs. Several characters are also introduced while viewers get provided with the basic story of the flick.

Directed Marc Schoelermann, "Pathology" centers on a group of medical students who devise a deadly game to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder. Pic will open in theaters on November 30 this year alongside "Cassandra's Dream" and "Perfect Christmas", among others.

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