Alicia Silverstone Bares All in PETA's Veggie PSA

Alicia Silverstone Bares All in PETA's Veggie PSA

Alicia Silverstone appears naked in PETA's television ad promoting vegetarianism which is to debut Wednesday September 19th in Houston.

A vegetarian herself, Alicia Silverstone has no single doubt to show her skin in a television ad promoting vegetarianism for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The beautiful sexy actress appears nude in a 30-second PETA commercial, directed by music video auteur Dave Meyers, which will air about two dozen times on Wednesday September 19th in Houston, which according to E! ranked the nation's sixth-fattiest city by Men's Fitness this year, and Dallas on the Food Network, Lifetime and E!.

The advertisement video, run with the headline "I'm Alicia Silverstone, and I'm a vegetarian," sees the movie siren emerging from a swimming pool and talking about the benefits of being a vegetarian. She obscures the view of her body with her arms as she gets out of the pool.

"I wasn't always a vegetarian, but I've always loved animals," a message from Silverstone read. "Physically, the effect has been amazing." Besides a message, Silverstone also offers her favorite recipes, and cruelty-free cosmetics and fashions.

Watch Silverstone's sexy Veggie PSA at PETA TV.



    miguel angel
    Apr 19, 2009


    Feb 17, 2009

    Alicia how much I love you baby. You are the first woman / angel who I want to meet first when I'm coming in the heaven. The second girl will be kate winslet, then drew barymore, jessica simpson, jessica albe, phoebe cates, katie holmes, angelina jolie. We will together smiming there and making love one by one. Staring from alicia silverstone. Oh God

    Feb 04, 2009

    i think the PETA ads are rediculous!!

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