Led Zeppelin Confirmed Reuniting!

September 06, 2007 07:55:22 GMT

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin confirmed the news while making his way to meet bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones in London.

Led Zeppelin Confirmed Reuniting!
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No more rumors are needed for Led Zeppelin's reunion. The frontman Robert Plant has confirmed himself that it's indeed happening. was contacted by a fan who happened to meet Plant on the singer's way to a 'meeting'. When asked about the reunion, Plant said, "How did you find out about this? Well we've got a band meeting about it this afternoon about it. There's not a lot to work out as it's only going to be one-off gig."

Although there's no statements regarding when or where the gig will take place, media speculation points out to London's O2 in November. The reunion is proposed as a charity concert that is organized by Harvey Goldsmith. The promoter recently warned fans not to rush into conclusion when tickets for 'exclusive' gig were sold for 369 pounds last weekend.

He said, "We are concerned that the public will be fleeced. The bottom line is that unless official adverts have appeared for concerts, tickets are not on sale. Do not buy from unauthorized sources."


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posted by sansured on Sep 12, 2007
The greatest band in rock history ceased to exist the second that John Bonham died in 1980. That said, it's hard not to get intensely exicited about 75% of that band getting together. Long live the majestic music of the mighty Led Zeppelin.

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