Exclusive Uncensored Beowulf Internet Trailer Hits!

September 05, 2007 04:48:04 GMT

Take notice on portion of magnificent action sequences as well as excellent motion capture works in it.

Exclusive Uncensored Beowulf Internet Trailer Hits!
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Showing off more jaw-dropping footage from its upcoming "Beowulf", Paramount Pictures as the studio producing the motion-capture flick has officially brought up an exclusive uncensored trailer for the movie on the net which sure will satisfy those who have been waiting for it to come.

Posted in either High Definition QuickTime or Flash format, the new trailer can be viewed at the picture's official site on its Restricted Content section that visitors can enter after passing the age verification system.

In addition, Paramount has also updated the site and made a redesign to the home page. Apart from the usual film synopsis and downloads, the site provides the link to the MySpace page for the fantasy adventure as well besides other interesting features, notably The Mead Hall which fans can explore to obtain few glimpses from the picture, including a shot of Grendel wreaking havoc.


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