Father-Son, Master P and Lil' Romeo, Promoting New Sidekick LX

August 25, 2007 06:49:03 GMT

Master P and his son Lil' Romeo have teamed up with T-Mobile to promote the new Sidekick LX.

Lil' Romeo
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Like father like son. Master P and Lil' Romeo are indeed more than just father and son, they in fact such great business partners. The twosome has teamed up with T-Mobile for the ad campaign to promote the new forthcoming Sidekick LX, a smartphone that has a browser, email/texting and a phone.

"The Sidekick is the most important device for running my ventures," Master P said. "I can't always talk on the phone, but I can shoot off a quick text to close the deal when I need to." Son Romeo, elsewhere, has his own statement on the product he endorsed, saying "Everywhere I go I take my Sidekick with me: school, the movie set, out on the road. It allows me to run my business and keep in touch with my friends. Texting is still the leading way of communication for us youth. I need my Sidekick like I need my Rap Snacks! I gotta have 'em!."

In addition to the ad campaign, P and Romeo have also created a song about the phone for the son's upcoming album "Hip-Hop History," entitled "Sidekick", which is due out September 4th later this year on Take A Stand Records.

As of the Sidekick LX and LE, they are slated to hit stores in Spring of 2008.


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posted by kfy on May 04, 2009
jou poes
posted by g boy on May 04, 2009
yo dog halla its ya boy joehan i stun it lilke my dady romeo yu rule strait up weezy is fake rpmeo rock pease out
posted by young j on May 04, 2009
romeo rule strait up dog all the way from south africa
posted by raymond on Mar 05, 2009
romeo i like your songs and nickalodeon shows they rock. one day i want to be like you in your movies an d songs and im only 10 years old but i can do a lot your best fan raymond wenyika lives in south africa gauteng
posted by crazy_chicken on Nov 06, 2008
romeo aint shytt... playbeezy is on that SIDEKICK video too nd no1 talks bout him... WTF!? nd playbeezy looks WAYYY better then that LIL romeo
posted by sweet 14 love on Oct 03, 2008
romeo you are sooooooooooo hot

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