It's Official, Bow Wow Dating Joseph Simmons' Daughter Angela

August 23, 2007 08:36:28 GMT

Bow Wow has confirmed reports he is dating Joseph Simmons' daughter Angela.

It's Official, Bow Wow Dating Joseph Simmons' Daughter Angela
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There it is after weeks of chatter and speculation, Bow Wow finally comes out with official confirmation he's dating Angela Simmons, the daughter of the founding member of hip hop group Run DMC, Joseph Simmons.

Bow Wow was spotted accompanying Angela to the ESPN Madden 08 after-party last week, while they were also seen together at a host of celebrity events.

Being asked on "What's up with Ang?" by his recent collaboration partner Omarion during a joint MTV interview, the young rapper replied, "We kickin' it. We go out, have dinner, lunch, little stuff like that. Breakfast. Nothing wrong with breakfast... Stay tuned!"

Bow Wow split from R&B beauty Ciara in 2006 after a one year romance, saying "Ciara and I have parted ways. I wish her all the best."


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posted by lit mama on Aug 01, 2009
I think angela and bowwow was a great couple i think thay should get back together she was better then ciara going out with bowwow even my baby think so too.
posted by boomtingzzz on Jun 14, 2009
there r such drootinz togther hope i geos welll 4RM BOW WOWS BIGGEST FAN MWAAAAAH
posted by Queen D on May 01, 2009
Bow wow is so cute... Hope he nd so-called Angela r happy. bow wow anybody could die 4 a boy lyk u!
posted by dutwice on Feb 20, 2009
bow wow is so yummy!!! n as much as his past relationship didnt last i dont thnk this one will last either
posted by shereece on Dec 18, 2008
bow wow is so hot i would go out wit him if i was his age
posted by Glen on Nov 05, 2008
No wonder we get such a bad rap as a people look at most of you on here you type with such ignorance ...learn the english language ....ebonics is not real good luck angela and bowwow ....
posted by melsunshine on Sep 24, 2008
Best luck to you dear.... hope it'll last...
posted by melsunshine on Sep 24, 2008
Best luck to you dear.... hope it'll last...
posted by shaquina on Sep 16, 2008
every body seem to be hate n on bowwow an angela well dis what i got to say bowwow chose her for a reason not because not famous which she got money belive dat i rockin a pair of shoes rite now go cop a pair add more money to her funds it bout love and she a good girl now ciara has a nauhty side to her so he but dey bouth are pretty girls and live yall life to da fullest
posted by kaylaboo on Aug 29, 2008
yall some fuckin hata yall aint got shit on angela!!! dont hate cause she stuntin on yall llame bitches! bow wow and angela i wish yall da best!
posted by i love lil wayne<3 on Aug 14, 2008
doode!!! i bow wow is hot!! they should go back out
posted by ali j on Aug 13, 2008
angela u better keep him happy
posted by twista-girl on Aug 08, 2008
i wish them the best on their relationship.angela should invite bow to the show for them to talk about it to their fans.
posted by twista-girl on Aug 08, 2008
ilove u bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by chally-b on Jul 30, 2008
angie,does ur dad know about all this,why noy invite him to ur home
posted by charlene on Jul 30, 2008
bow wow she is good hold ha tite,man
posted by keisha6493 on Jan 13, 2008
that is a real shock, i hope and wish them the best of luck with their relationship.

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