Universal Adapting Daniel Silva's Spy Novel The Messenger

August 03, 2007 04:38:57 GMT

Universal Pictures has optioned rights to Daniel Silva's bestselling spy novel series and will first adapt his 2006 tome "The Messenger."

Universal Adapting Daniel Silva's Spy Novel The Messenger
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Set to launch another spy franchise after the "Bourne" series, Universal Pictures has obtained screen rights to a seven-book series of bestselling spy novels by Daniel Silva and is aiming to make "The Messenger", adapted from the author's 2006 work, as a possible first film.

In working on the goal, the studio has already assigned Pierre Morel to assume directing duties with Mark Gordon and Josh McLaughlin both producing via the Mark Gordon Co. Morrel, who marked his feature directorial debut in action sci-fi "District B13", just wrapped up filming on "Taken", a thriller about a former spy who dusts off his old skills after his daughter is kidnapped and sold into the slave trade.

Pic's story will likely stay true to the original material, the sixth book in the Silva series focusing on Gabriel Allon that began in 2000 with "The Kill Artist." A Mossad agent who has been part of the covert team that avenged the murder of Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics, Allon retires and becomes an art restorer following the deaths of his wife and child, both killed by a terrorist organization.


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posted by pssthoy27 on Aug 22, 2011
Wread most of his books. Would love Eric Bana or Daniel Craig play gabriel.
posted by Lynda on Feb 26, 2011
As much as I love Pacino no way to old to play Gabriel. Agree no Hanks or Cruise but I'm going with Eric Bana his performance in Munich was fantastic regardless of whether you like the movie or not.
posted by Alexander on Aug 28, 2010
The only person who cold possibly play Gabriel Allon is AL PACINO. If they cast Hanks, Cruise or any other dork it will ruin the who movie experience,
posted by suzan on Jun 24, 2010
when they start with the production
posted by WeenFan on Jun 01, 2010
I think Adrian Brody would be great as Allon.
posted by Chick on Mar 19, 2009
Would love to see Daniel Craig take on the role of Allon.....

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