Wall-E Story Unveiled

July 30, 2007 06:42:56 GMT

Director Andew Stanton has given details about the plot of CG animated "Wall-E" on Disney's panel at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.

Wall-E Story Unveiled
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Coming up with packs of information about its future slate at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Walt Disney Pictures has eagerly opened up details on the plot of "Wall-E", its next CGI animated feature of Pixar Animation Studios production.

Provided by helmer Andrew Stanton, the story explains that humans in the future have completely trashed Earth with rampant commercialism and then leave the planet on space liners, leaving behind a number of robots to clean up the planet, including the titular character.

Seven hundred years go by but humans still not return yet. By this time, Wall-E has already developed a personality and discovers a way to get off the Earth, finally finding the last remaining space liner containing the 'lost tribe' of mankind while along the way falling in love with another robot named Eve.

As for the characters apart from Wall-E, Ben Burtt, who is handling sound design matters for the project, willingly described several of the primary lineup, stating that Eve is a probe droid that is held together by magnetic fields and has a few special functions and weapons. M-O, a sidekick hygienic droid, is introduced as an obliterator droid that rolls around on a track ball while another robot, Auto, is presented as the auto pilot of the space liner.


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posted by wall e on May 05, 2009
i like this movie
posted by ahmad ladhani on Nov 07, 2008
its amazing i realy see it 100 times yes in a week i love this movies realy excellent
posted by wall e on Sep 30, 2008
I agree with your article except the whole "lost tribe" deal. The humans in this movie appear to be completely oblivious to earths exsistence to me... And wall e is NOT looking for a "lost" spaceliner either, he's just trying to be with eve. Awesome movie, see it.
posted by claire on Sep 29, 2008
hi!i'm looking forward to watch your great movie
posted by hudson on Sep 25, 2008
it is good

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