JoJo Covering Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls"

July 21, 2007 06:08:02 GMT

JoJo has covered Sean Kingston's hot Hip-Hop single "Beautiful Girls" and shows how it sounds on the girls' side.

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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Teen sensation JoJo is getting her hands on "Beautiful Girls", a song made popular by Jamaican singer Sean Kingston. Sean's version is actually still hot on the chart, but JoJo is confident that hers will also catch some ears.

JoJo's rendition is currently titled "Beautiful Girls Reply" and it is still unknown whether it will make it to her third studio album. If Sean chants "You're way too beautiful girl/ Thats why it'll never work", JoJo said in her lyrics "I'm way too cool for you boy/ That's why it'll never work"".

The almost 17-year-old singer is keen on growing up first before she starts the work on the new album. According to The Sun Chronicle, JoJo will only release an album after she turns 18 in December 2008.

Though not recording yet, she won't waste anytime and starts to write her own materials. "I've been really cultivating my writing ... which is really great with me," she said.

JoJo has just finished her summer tour to support "The High Road" (2006). Aiming bigger, she intends to hit international tour for her third album.

JoJo's rendition of "Beautiful Girls":


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posted by i love jojo on Nov 28, 2010
1st of all jojo's song isn't shit second of all jojo is extremely pretty and third of all every one who heres her song wants to sing along and it makes them feel better
posted by love i rok on Nov 28, 2010
i love jojo she roks i like hers ten times better than his
posted by sreg on Oct 31, 2010
when l sing 'ur song my feel better
posted by limit on Sep 27, 2010
i just took a bow
posted by GAJIIN GEEKNESS on Jun 21, 2010
OHW EHM GHEE>>> Yeeh shez alright i liked the she remixed that s0ng aye!!!
posted by bleeb on Jan 01, 2010
i half too agree she is not good lookin atal her jaw looks rong i cant look at her wifout laughin, and this song is shit, leave the song to sean kingston
posted by eddy on Dec 21, 2009
she has a huge jaw !!! OMG ! what is sexy about her ???
posted by rabb on Oct 25, 2009
posted by pally93 on Oct 17, 2009
posted by sajjad on Sep 13, 2009
she is beautiful spreading happyness.
posted by ISMAIL KHAN PAKISTAN on Jul 18, 2009
She is very Sexi I want to fuck
posted by sweet on Jun 21, 2009
wow this girl is very beautiful, I like her voice also she is also juicy fresh
posted by jennifer nguyen on May 10, 2009
hi!i'm jojo's big fan .i lova she so much .she's a best singer
posted by XTEEN From Iran on Apr 27, 2009
JoJo Is The Beautiful , Oops ! Every Body Knows Joanna Is The Best From All Ways , It So Bad I Can't See Your Concert's From Near (Sorry My English Isn't Good , I Can't Write Right Sentence's ) So Forgive Me !
posted by XTEEN From Iran on Apr 27, 2009
Hi I Love You ♥JoJo♥ JoJo I While Still Love You For Ever . . . Stay In Top And Work Hard For Your Slaves We Support You .
posted by della novanty on Feb 21, 2009
hi,jojo.i'm very like your song.good luck jojo
posted by della novanty on Feb 21, 2009
hi,jojo.i'm very like your song.good luck jojo
posted by nichole on Aug 11, 2008
jojo whoever eryk is this dus sown like u. u r cool. i just wrot mily and taylerand i sad thim 2 is cool but not cooler thin jojo. my favrit song of your's is leve.It is so cool.whin u were ta six flags my friend mom was going to taek me but she was scard when u came no stage i was going to fant. but my mom sid i can not go . i was so mad at her. so u can tell i love u.;)
posted by nichole on Aug 11, 2008
me agin just wont to tall u i am going to put this song on my myspace righe now. love ya chow
posted by shema on Jul 14, 2008
Is not a Cover! She make the song before...
posted by gearyhappy on Sep 28, 2007
i've always liked her music
posted by eryk on Sep 17, 2007
jojo, i used to think u were very creative but this absolutely doesnt sound you.must u reply a song with that same song?would have sounded beta if u chose some other beat.sean is a jamaican and he's potraying what he feels. jojo why are u trying to sound like him? just be you and get real. or is there any beef?The reason y people seem to like this remix cos it has the same sound track as the real one and you chorused almost everything should ve tried a different sound track and lets see how good you really are. Pls jojo try to be original. i love your music but definately not this. Sean's still beta on this one.ciao. eric
posted by ivory22 on Aug 30, 2007
she was great..I like her voice..Sexy with a great adore you girl..
posted by marthatekka on Aug 25, 2007
oh gosh jojo i have grown up with this girl right here. i've loved her music sience i first saw her on you tube nothing but a hoping musican :] i loved when she became so famous.. and slowly forgot about her. you fuckin killed this song jojo. you dont even know. sean kingston needs to take is winy ass back down south and shut up i mean listen to his words. they arent real back in nintey nine you were EIGHT looser. you did your first crime? and you were moved down south? and you had a slutty EIGHT years old? pshh please shut up sean kingston, go grow up then come back and try to be something other then a wannabe jamican pop star in america. peace. oh and also i have to admit jo jo looks rediculus in that dress i mean i love jojo more then anyone but that dreess is kinda fugly. haha but jojo isnt[ you are beautifull jojo :] p.s i cant wait till we turn 18 and u finally crawl out your hole and get another album out :] [martha tekka]
posted by hannah_laffan on Aug 23, 2007
ayee jojo is a gorguzz young ladie nd can reallii show her talent i love her remix it realyy nworks well i think it rockss xoxo
posted by hannah_laffan on Aug 23, 2007
by the way i am lovvikk herr drees it makes herr look very slim ..... lovinn yooh jojo
posted by hannah_laffan on Aug 23, 2007
by the way i am lovvikk herr drees it makes herr look very slim ..... lovinn yooh jojo
posted by TERA123 on Aug 10, 2007
posted by skittleballz on Jul 25, 2007
wow this girl is so young but her voice is beautiful. i love the beautiful girls remix its really good

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