The Official David Beckham Website Launched

The Official David Beckham Website Launched

For the first time, David Beckham will have his own official website,

David Beckham had double to celebrate on Friday July 13th, his unveiling as a Los Angeles Galaxy player and the launch of his official Website.

The official site, created by 19 Entertainment, will become the first place to get the most recent news of the soccer stud. Besides, it will also enable you to have a look at his new blog, which displays an image of the sportsman wearing his own DVB-branded sunglasses.

Come along with the cool image is Beckham's first blog entry, partly read "Hi everybody, Thanks for joining me on, it does seem incredible that in all my time playing professional football, I haven't had my own website. So here it is at last."

And in case you want to register for Beckham's newsletter and be automatically entered for an autographed LA Galaxy jersey, you can click here.



    Jul 17, 2007

    im a big fan of david beckhams ...and beleave he should be persent at englands future games..i have a football song .. its on ottband2 called sending in the lions .i even would change the lyrics oh daivid oh david we exspect .....your dream you country your duty come on and join the rest etc ..if he is to be left out , because even at the least ..he should be there as a sub in future games that was proven in the last game!

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