Michelle Rodriguez Working on a Clothing Line Named "Ishkadada"

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is working on a clothing line, called "Ishkadada", which is inspired by world cultures.

Michelle Rodriguez is branching out her acting career, licensing her name to yet another product, clothing line. The actress who starred in the hit TV series "Lost" is working on a clothing line, which inspiration comes from world cultures.

"The company that I want to start should be ethnic," Rodriguez said on her line, to be called "Ishkadada", on the Sony channel's "It's Midday in China" program that aired across Latin America this week. "I think there is a (growing) awareness and people are opening their eyes about the world and the environment."

Planning to travel to a dozen countries, including China and Brazil, to "study people, social classes, history, culture" before finishing her designs, Rodriguez hopes her travels would help her understand the potential market for her line.

As of her acting career, Rodriguez recently starred in the horror movie "The Breed," and has more recently been featured in her own episode of G4's show Icons. She could next be seen in the drama movie "Battle in Seattle," due for release in December later this year.

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    beltran mayta
    Apr 25, 2009

    hola queria saludar a melrose la vi en top model de tyra ,soy de lima-PERU melrose es la mas preciosa que he visto en la tv. quisiera conocerla en persona me parece una persona muy bella bueno gracias

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