P. Diddy's Looking for a Personal Assistant Online, Apply Now

July 14, 2007 03:20:17 GMT

P. Diddy is looking for a new personal assistant and using social networking site MySpace to find one.

P. Diddy
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Want to be the personal assistant of a famous celebrity? Stop dreaming for P. Diddy is going to make it possible for you. The hip hop mogul is looking for a new personal assistant (PA) and you can win the chance to be one by entering auditions on his designated YouTube page.

Decided to recruit himself a new PA after being left by longterm girlfriend Kim Porter, Diddy posted a one-minute clip on MySpace, showing him sits at his desk in his New York City office and encourages fans to apply for the gig online.

Instead of submitting paper resumes, Diddy asks applicants to record a three minutes-or shorter video telling him why they would be good at the job. "It's a new age, a new time, a new era. Forget coming into the office and having a meeting with me and being nervous," so he explained on why he chose this method to recruit a new assistant.

Diddy said on his message, "You know I'm the best and I like working with the best", whereas he also warned applicants that he would keep them up late and would shout at whoever gets the job, asking "What better job than to have me scream at you, go crazy, keep you up late hours, have you sleep deprived?"

So, what are you waiting for? Just give it a go and good luck.


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posted by yorker211 on Jun 19, 2012
Hello I would like to work for Mr.diddy
posted by bryce mclamb on Aug 26, 2010
i just want a friend someone who will make music with me, teach me an i will keep my end of the deal up
posted by charleson on Jun 15, 2010
I'm 19 yrs. old and I live in Palau. I need a job outside of my island home. Besides, who doesn't wanna work for Diddy. But yeah, I really wanna travel and help my lil' sister out. -thanks..
posted by sexy--redds on Apr 15, 2010 my name is chamika williams, i have customers services experience,along with nursing experience. so if u hurt ,while on the job, i can make u well.i also write music and besides me being your assistant i can make u money boo.i love hard work..i dont take shit off no one ok..u dont need no guttable assitant around u..u need someone who wit u when u down and on ur toes, some one hat can handle the heat more thing..i also have acting experience...i from washington dc,but live in va..livin the good life...u will not be disappointed...also ..i look like your ex...j-lo...get at sweety...ready to work on a business level..
posted by kkk on May 08, 2009
black guy needing!
posted by Vu-Kidf d on Jan 27, 2009
i wanna work for diddy
posted by Unique on Nov 23, 2008
I can be Diddy's assistant because not only am i beautiful at 19 but have potential and the ability to cope with Diddy and his abilities. You should pick someone who is ready and i have the experience you are looking for dont pass this up, try it and i know this for sure Sean(P.Diddy)Combs. Thank You!
posted by msrotti on Jul 23, 2008
If you want a personal assistant that cannot be bought, is efficient and punctual. Email me
posted by Don on Jul 18, 2008
You fuckers are all the same just want your 15 minutes of fame! He is obviously looking for someonw real and down to earth who he can shit on all day and someone who wont break down. Thats just my opinion so dont take it to your head!
posted by Raslyn on Jul 09, 2008
I am a well rounded person who can handle any task that is thrown at me i am a 19 yr. old female born November 7,1988 which means i have a strong drive if Diddy Choices me he wouldent be making a mistake 770 891 5870
posted by laurenknowles on Mar 20, 2008
I would love to be Diddy's Assistant. I could keep him hooked up and organized!
posted by lisawheatley36 on Jul 15, 2007
i think it is an excellent idea for people reach dreams that they never thought they could, especially when people work so hard and have given talents and never get recognised. lisa (fantanstic)

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