Crowded House Dropping New Set Under New Line-up

Reunited Crowded House will drop their first album in ten years that will boast the work from new drummer and multi-instrumentalist.

In anticipation of their huge come back, Australian rock outfit Crowded House has decided to fold vocalist Neil Finn's intended solo album to be the band's first album in 10 years. "Time on Earth" is the band's fifth studio effort and the first without late drummer Paul Hester.

It took Hester's death in 2005 to draw the band together. Finn said, "We took a long break, and it wasn't destined to be a break at the time when we decided to break up, but I wanted to go and do my own thing, and I kind of reached a point where I needed to get away from it. In the end, the music drew us back to it because Nick (Seymour) and I started playing again and something in the sound of that and the feeling of the collaboration just drew me to the idea of being in a band again."

To fill in the gap, the band has recruited drummer Matt Sherrod and multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart to be the new members. "We've fashioned a beast that carries the name quite well," Finn said. "There's a real sense of unity that comes from the new lineup."

With the new formation, they geared up 14 songs that made the cut. A guitar work from The Smiths' Johnny Marr can be found on the track "Even a Child" and first single "Don't Stop Now". There will also be the band's rendition of "Silent House", a song sharing the writing credit of Finn and Dixie Chicks.

"Time on Earth" will be dropped July 10 in U.S. via ATO Records. The band will embark on a North American tour that will begin August 4 in Northampton, Mass. There is a plan to return to the studio once they finish worldwide tour. "There's a real spring in our step as a band," Finn revealed. "I've got a bunch of new songs and want to ride the momentum we've got."

Crowded House's "Don't Stop Now"



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